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  1. ajmcelveen

    91? yz125 to fix, or not to fix, that is the question

    Are the engines year specific?? If I can use a newer engine it might be a little easier/cheaper to fix. Thanks
  2. My buddy and I brought his 91(i think) yz125 over to my house to try to get running. The bike has been sitting for a few years and needs an engine overhaul to get going. Things needed: top end rebuild, the bottom end is rusted out, fork seals, gas tank, and a few other odds and ends. My main question is...is this thing worth rebuilding? Does anyone know if the newer yz motors will fit, or do I have to do some modification to make one work? The main thing is getting it running, the other stuff is easy. The bike is in great overall condition except for the motor. Any information would help. Thanks
  3. ajmcelveen

    Newbie with a question

    SUCCESS!!!! I took the carb apart today and cleaned out the bowl and jets. After an hour of work and a couple of kicks, the bike fired up and ran fine. I have been out on it for a couple of hours now and I am very excited. This will be my first dirt bike ever and I love it. Now I am really excited because I have my street bike and offroad bike...it doesn't get any better!! Thanks to everyone.
  4. ajmcelveen

    Newbie with a question

    I made sure the choke was in the right position and I also have an inline fuel filter on the line. I will have to check the carb tomorrow and see what it looks like. Thanks
  5. ajmcelveen

    Newbie with a question

    Hey guys...I just bought a 2000 XR250R yesterday and I am having trouble keeping it running. I test drove the bike last week before I bought it and it ran awesome. When I got home yesterday I let it warm up for about 5mins and went to ride off and it died. After it died it took me a while to get it started again. The second time I let it warm up for about 10 mins and then the same thing. Today I was able to start it easy, it warmed up good and then as soon as I tried to take off it DIED. I checked the fuel switch made sure it had gas...I am lost. This is my first off road bike and I guess I am missing something. Any information would help! Thanks in advance