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  1. I just sold my 06 but my 2012 one will take over just fine
  2. I just installed my new IMS tank and I noticed there is a large gap between the seat and tank & Frame Area now, is this normal? is this because the new tank is higher where the front seat mount goes????
  3. I removed it for the second time and the dam threads are screwed up and I can't get it back on, i even ran a thread chaser over it and it's only plastic and still won't' go back in proper, I'm not happy with this, does anyone make a billet one or something? i don't want to buy a new one and have it no better then this..... Thanks
  4. is that what the noise I am hearing at partial throttle is? it was driving me nuts trying to figure it out, if so I will order the aluminum one ASAP.......
  5. I already have the taller seat and high rise bars ordered, still need the lower pegs. I have not used one full tank yet so I am not sure about the mileage, the bike feels cramped to me, where I am 6'4 and 260 pounds, I also have stiffer springs on the way. I found fast way makes some pegs with a camber kit that will work listed for the 011 yz250 so soon I should be all set up.....
  6. Just remove the throttle screw, it's under the rh side of the throttle body but you can access it from the left hand side, put a torx security bit on a 1/4 drive ratchet and put it in, break it loose, it's a bit hard to get at, then remove it with your fingers. leave it out for now and when/if you get the new programmable ecu, a shorter screw (just to fill the hole) will come with it.
  7. I am preparing to sell my 2006 WR450 so I am putting her sort of back to stock removing all of the race decals and custom stuff. Just bought an 012 model so this one has to go, it has been great but the FI is awesome
  8. Thanks, emailed him;
  9. just bought a 2012 WR450F :)

  10. just bought a 2012 WR450F :)

  11. I have the PMB insert and removed the second baffle, removed the snorkels, ecu/programmer in the mail
  12. I have been emailing and calling Baja Deisigns and they are still trying to iron out bugs with their kit for the 012 model, who else makes one? I need to get mine on the road asap.
  13. on the main pipe there is a chamber, looks similar to the FMF Power Bomb header chamber, is that what this is, or is it a Catalytic Converter or something else? thanks in advance.
  14. Hey guys, I know the bikes are new but does anyone know if anyone makes a larger fuel tank or any way for me to lower my foot pegs with drop brackets?
  15. I checked the oil level, and found that she was greased quite well. I removed the exhaust restrictor in the tailpipe and found a throttle restrictor screw limiting my throttle but I need to know what to do next, I'm sure others have bought 012's and done some mods already like removing some of the smog stuff and bump up the power.