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  1. Juxxtin

    DRZ400 petcocks? any work on the E model?

    Yours an E motor/frame too? Maybe I am thinking.... WR400 on IMS tank with E carb/E bike <-- that did not work for me also. ...edit... from your garage, looks like you do have a whole E bike. So I think I was mistaken... must have been only on the IMS tank that I had problems w/the WR400 petcock being too close to the carb.
  2. Juxxtin

    DRZ400 petcocks? any work on the E model?

    I had this problem... The WR400 on the E tank with the E carb will not work. The petcock is too short and will interfere, ever so slightly w/the flatside carb. The raptor petcock is a little bit longer but I haven't tried it personally, worth a try I'd think. Then report back!
  3. Juxxtin

    Just bought a 2001 drz400 with problems

    Agree w/this. The E rear spring (5.3kg) is even weaker than the S/SM model (5.5kg). The stock front forks are very plush as well (.44kg). I put 6.1 on the rear and .52 on the front. 210 + gear + dirtbags + oversized gas tank etc. It's MUCH better than stock springs. If you don't carry extras like me, then approx 5.9 and .48 should be great too.
  4. Needed, no. Overkill, no. Like to have, yes! I use it as a dual-sport, on and off road. But even on dirt, has great stopping power with ease. Takes a ride to get used to so you don't hammer down on it though. Also, nice when descending steep rock faces. Downside might be in those rocky areas, you can bang it easier for a potential bend.
  5. Juxxtin

    Adding Electric Heated Gloves to DR-Z400S

    2.2*12V=26.2W, so under 30W of use for the gloves. You will be fine... as long as you don't sit at idle rpm for an hour.
  6. Here's what the OP intended to link: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=945494
  7. Juxxtin

    How-to put an S Subframe on my E?

    I did this to my bike. The aft will line up fine, I used some different longer bolts and washers I had sitting around I believe. The mid point will not line up. This was with my stock E exhaust/muffler. I used that rear fender picture thread you had found for cutting my fender... the specs were spot-on.
  8. Juxxtin

    Take a Look at this Please

    I have an E model. That dark gray color on the left lower is stock. My bet, is it has been pressure washed year after year and the oem paint is coming off around there. With that in mind, you could ask him it he greases the rear linkage ever. Also, the discoloration between the head and cylinder is completely normal. That does NOT mean they have been apart, simply means it's a used DRZ400E. Different metal composition or something, I don't know the technicals, just that it is normal. As others have said, K and E are same in power components.
  9. Juxxtin

    how high can my bars go with stock cables?

    Two yellow zips in the middle, and a loosely mounted black one on the left side all helping them to stay routed with the most freedom. Enjoy
  10. Juxxtin

    how high can my bars go with stock cables?

    Bars side, in fact I think I had to take the throttle assembly completely apart to re-route behind. And disconnect clutch cable away from lever as well. At 2" you may be ok with just re-routing the throttle side. I had to do both at 3.5" and my bend. They are free to move now, left to right, no stretches, pulls or throttle sticks. Zip ties helped to keep the cables up and above my scotts stabilizer arm and post only, as it's sub mounted. If I didn't have this installed, I might not need them the ties. I can grab a picture if you think it'll help.
  11. Juxxtin

    how high can my bars go with stock cables?

    Laurence, I have 3.5" rox risers w/stock bars and had to re-route the clutch and throttle cables behind the handlebars. I do have a zip tie in place to help keep them up and over my stabilizer arm/post. So with your 2" rise, this will definitely free up some needed slack. Like you, it was a HUGE improvement for me, can actually stand and ride forever now.
  12. Juxxtin

    Relay Switch, is 60amp ok?

    For the output the DRZ makes.... both 40 and 60 are plenty safe. No electrician, but I believe this is how it works: 12v * 40amp = up to 480watts of load 12v * 60amp = up to 720watts of load Your grip heaters (30w) and gps(<5w) and any other accessory will not even come close to that load rating.
  13. Juxxtin

    Another tire question

    You are not asking too much... those tires are awesome on the road. They will stick all the way to the edges.
  14. Juxxtin

    kick start kit for drz400sm why ??????

    Btw, if you have a rekluse auto clutch installed, there's another reason to have the kicker installed as you cannot bump start it (clutch is never engaged unless engine is revving).
  15. Juxxtin

    AnyOne using ROX risers ?

    You will not need new cables, stockers work just fine... but you will have to route the throttle cables behind the bars by rotating the throttle tubing. You will love em btw...