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  1. torrents anyone please?
  2. guys i've found an interesting torrent with the whole season (250) http://www.mininova.org/tor/1294925 i was disappointed cause i didnt find some 125 races of Pastrana days, i mean 00 and 01 sx-mx can someone help me?? thnx in advance Loris
  3. try searching on www.thepiratebay.com or www.mininova.org mate =) you'll find everything u want cheers from italy
  4. Found this! Hope u like it! it's really a good show...abd good quality torrent BTW, has anyone got a torrent from Slane Castle round?? thanx cheers from Italy http://www.mininova.org/tor/830066 http://www.mininova.org/tor/822603
  5. Class!
  6. thanx a lot... i really appriciate the job you make... it's a unique occasion for the people who is not lucky enough to be able to watch these events and sorry for my bad english
  7. thnx a lot 4 all the torrents.. here in italy we appriciate your job!!! ps have u got other races in dvd format please? tnx Loris
  8. TP runs where awesome! he really raced that course, wild style as usual!! for me one of his best performances...
  9. i got something on tape (very rare 4 me...here in Italy SX is sadly sooooo rare!) but i clearly remember them winning a heat and making lot of show 4 the crowd during the race... maybe anaheim 1 tp was impresive on the whoops!!
  10. hauahua JK mate, love Greece and greeks... been there so many times but believe me, it's not so difficult to understand where the guys come from! cheers
  11. italians can speak better than those guys, mate
  12. year 2000, when Travis won national title
  13. so the total is +3 for now! please make us happy!!!!