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  1. cgp

    vertex 290 kits - where to buy?

    ... I'll take an athena kit with a 06 r-head. thats the most reliable way I think... machining the crankcase would not be the problem - but over 40hp with the standard crankshaft... puh that could be end bad hehe vertex 290 AND r-head is a bit too much power but thanks for your answers and greetz from germany!
  2. cgp

    vertex 290 kits - where to buy?

    you mean machining the crankcase or the head?
  3. hi all, does somebody know where to buy a vertex 290 kit in usa (or athena 280) i bought one here in germany and payed about 1268 $ for it - i think that's a lot too expensive... thanks
  4. cgp


    sorry, it was a lc4 fan!
  5. cgp


    its a ktm exc fan (yes, I also hate ktm - but they have good fans hehe) the mounting is self made. i found a used fan with ebay... for more pictures of the mounting, pm me
  6. cgp


    i have a cooler installed on my radiator, works fine (rode in sahara already with it)
  7. cgp

    Lets see those 450's!

    left: 250X (R4) right: 450R (R2)
  8. cgp

    Removing Pilot Jet

    a 6mm t-handle works well too
  9. hi all, 3 months ago i bought my 04 crf250x, the dealer told me that a R-camshaft is inside... a while later i noticed that the jetting was not modified - all was original (also the airbox - closed etc.) therefore i dont think a r-camshaft is inside. how can I examine whether its a r-camshaft or not? (I removed the cylinder head today...)