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  1. tyler230


    i saw some thread on the internet and some guy said he had monster energy graphics on his 230 but he had no pics to prove. is there any monster energy graphics that ya'll know where to find? im fixin to get an 08 rmz 250 cuz im fixin to race but i still want this bike to look cool haha
  2. tyler230


    I'm fixin to get a new 07 and i need to know what exhausts there are that aren't silenced...everyone i have seen says silenced or does that mean it just comes with a silencer?
  3. tyler230

    bottom end?? no power

    no i still have the stock pipe but im fixin to get a new rm-z 250 so i wasnt gonna look too far into it but ill tryt some things and if it doesnt worl ill take to the dealer where im gettin the rm-z
  4. the other day i went for a ride and noticed that i didnt have as much power as i usually do. i usually do wheelies and donuts in second gear but now my bike starts out like its in fourth. i thought about tightening the chain, i changed the oil and cleaned my airfilter but nothin happened. and the speed is a lot slower too. ????
  5. tyler230

    07's in near me

    i went to a dealer about two hours away from where i live to see the new bikes and when i got there they had just sold the rmz 250!! but they had the 450's and hondas but at least i know they have them near me so i can get one soon.
  6. tyler230


    i know some of yall said that the 07's were comin out in like october but on the crf 250 forum some people already got theirs...do they all come out at diff. times?
  7. tyler230

    still cant believe it

    i go back the 17th but i started two a days today
  8. tyler230

    TT store?

    ik this is stupid but how do i find the 230 section on there?
  9. tyler230

    Exhaust help

    which part?
  10. tyler230

    better bike for mx?

    which is better for mx, an rm-z 250 or crf250?
  11. tyler230


    I did just order it but I asked what jets cam with it and thats what they told me. but i have an 05 but can i still use the bottom clip w/ the stock needle?
  12. tyler230


    I just bought a white bros R-4 exhaust and it came with a 48 pilot and 112 main. In the jetting stickey it says to use a 132 main but can i still remove the baffel and use the 112 main without it being to lean? It also did not come with a power up needle but i asked the company to send me one and they said they would send one for free, but does the needle even make that much of a difference?
  13. Where can i find fork seals at cause my right one is leaking oil and where can i get new oil/fluid for them.
  14. Is this exhaust a silenced one or not? Also if i remove my baffle do i HAVE to rejet because its too much work for me and i know i will mess somethin up.And has anybody taken the cover off their shocks, i was think bout that cause i thought it would look cool.
  15. tyler230

    New helmet cam vid

    What helmet cam are you using?