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    03 crf 450 modded

    update I have replaced every ingnition piece except for the alt, stator winding in the motor and still have this problem. the bike revs quickly and runs great except for the bog/stutter at quarter throttle that will not go away.
  2. slowcrf

    03 crf 450 modded

    Hi all, This is my first post as well as my first day being a member. The archives won't allow a search because of too many people viewing the forums currently. I have a few problems and hope someone has been there done that etc... I have an 03 crf 450 with a high compression piston, stage 2 hot cam, minor port work, powernow valve, yoshi muffler and a e series head pipe. I live at 5500 feet and ride anywhere from there to 10k feet. I have a serious bog/stutter at 1/4 throttle that I can't seem to get rid of. I am not exactly sure if it is jetting or not because I have adjusted everything you can while on the trail and can't seem to get rid of it. It seems worse when pulling a hill or doing a wheelie. It is not hard to start and the top and mid runs fine, it is only in the lower part of the throttle where it runs bad. I am currently at a 172 main, 45 slow jet, 1.75 turns out on the idle jet screw, stock needle at 6th clip. I have tried all jetting that I know how to do. I did think that I found the problem once when I checked the jetting again, I found a loose wire on the tps and arcing on the wires from my stator/alternator. Yet I still have this problem. I have adjusted the float both directions and can't seem to find anything that fixes this problem. It is definately load related at quarter throttle, hence more load more stumble. Could the arcing of the wires fried my cdi? Any help and or advice will be appreciated. Thank you all for your time. slowcrf