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  1. Do Not Hold In The Shifter Up Or Down It Wrecks The Engine!
  2. Aight As the title says im gettin an 00 wr 400 its water cooled Are there any things I should look out for when I go and look at it?? I've also heard you need to pull the decompress lvr to bumpstart it this true for 00's do they have auto? When i listen to the bike on choke should it be very loud or just loud?? And any other things I should look out for are greatly appreciated thnx
  3. I am sort of new to dirtbikes, I only have one and its a Suzuki Dr 350 SE it's a 97 so its old but still runs great. Im thinking that I want the wr400 2000 for my next step up bike. I have read alot on this forum and have heard good thingz about it including its wicked POWER Are there any downsides to this bike besides the year? I know its risky buying a 00 but its only $2000. Opinions greatly appreciated thx.