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  1. motardjunkie

    DRZ 400 edelbrock pumper carb??

    opinions will vary but i had one and it did give more power and and easy adjustment. However, the fuel economy was crap and it does need to be set just right to get proper performance. Mine came with the bike but I have removed it to stock. Performance is not that much different (still wheelies like nutz...)- unless you are racing I would skip it.
  2. motardjunkie

    2005 SM Stalls when clutching up wheelies?

    FYI To all - this problem has been solved and was traced back to the aftermarket Big Gun Rev box that was installed by the original owner. I've gone back to stock and all is well. Cheers and thanks for those who replied with suggestions.
  3. motardjunkie

    'E' Model CDI Unit On 2005 SM, Some Issues

    Hey there - I have the Big Gun Rev box on my 2005 SM. It will sometimes die at high revs - just shuts down (def not fuel). Is this what happens with your "E"? Ever heard of this issue with the Sm or Big Gun boxes specifically? The crazy thing is that it is not consistant. IO first noticed it when clutching up wheelies - seemed to die under load so I eliminated fuel, clutch and kickstand issues. Any advice appreciated. THX Z
  4. motardjunkie

    should I install a CDI from E?

    Hey there - I have the Big Gun Rev box on my 2005 SM. It will sometimes die at high revs - just shuts down (def not fuel). Ever heard of this issue with the Sm or Big Gun boxes specifically? The crazy thing is that it is not consistant.
  5. motardjunkie

    XGX graphics...will they stick?

    I have xgx graphics on my bike and have had no problems. Bike is an '05 SM. They stand up well to scrapes etc as well. Had them about two years now. Z
  6. motardjunkie

    2005 SM Stalls when clutching up wheelies?

    THX - I don't have the Cali model as I'm a Canuck living up round Toronto. I used to live in NorCal and every bike I ever bought there pisd me off with all the emissions gadgets. It seems that not overfilling the tank and venting it a bit after fill-ups solves the problem I was having. Ever hear of a good aftermarket cap that doesn't clusterfu%$??? I never have liked these "hidden vent" caps. Thx for the help. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  7. motardjunkie

    2005 SM Stalls when clutching up wheelies?

    I'll try nocking that out - but it stalls before the wheel even comes off the groud sometimes? I've heard that over filing the gas tank can create problems with venting so I'm going to check that out as well. As for clutching - your description is right on. Once you learn it you will find wheelies much more smooth and easy to ride out. Cover that back brake though!! Zzzzz
  8. Hey all - I'm not new to bikes or clutching wheelies but my 2005 SM keeps stalling when I try to clutch up, regardless of gear. This will also sometimes happen when powering one up in first. It bogs and dies, but will immediately start again. I have a big gun rev box, hot cams on intake and exhaust, stock carb with stage 1 kit (4th clip on needle and stock 142.5 main) and full Yosh exhaust. All of these were installed by the Suzuki dealer. The bike hauls through all gears and performs well except for this issue. This problem has persisted through various jet trials but seems to happen only when I have just filled the gas tank?? If anyone else has seen this or has any ideas I would appreciate any help. PS - Motards rock - my poor R6 and GSXR are getting lonely.........
  9. motardjunkie

    frame protectors

    hey - I made up some custom stuff that is east to do, effective, cheap and I've had nothing but compliments on appearence. drop me your email and I'll send you some pics with some details on adding the gear on. You can email me at dbrennan@kos.net, probably easier to send pics that way. Just put ATTN Zeke: DRZ in the subject line so i don;t miss it as junk mail. Cheers Zzzzzzz
  10. motardjunkie

    The Master 3x3 Post

    Hey there - about testing with the side cover off the air filter chamber - My bike stutters and looses power if I have that cover off while riding. This has made me hesitate to cut out the 3x3 in my air box. Any comments? I have a stage 1 kit in the bike with hot cams, yosh exhaust and a rev box by big gun. It currently has the 136 jet and the needle that came with the Stage 1 Dyno Kit. Zzzzzzzzz
  11. motardjunkie

    I wanted to share with ya'll!!!

    Hey all - about the 3x3. Does anyone have the details on that - manual or pictures of exactly where to cut etc? I've just picked up a modofied 2005SM and am going through the process of ensuring the nods were done correctly. THX Zeke
  12. motardjunkie

    DRZ400 s Vs. sm carb jetting

    hey there, I have a 2006 Sm and I also have it tuned with the S jet kit. I'm running the 136 jet right now. Seems to run well. I also have the hot cams and yosh exhaust - has anyone heard if it is better to go to the SM specific kit or a different jet? Z
  13. motardjunkie

    Considering an SM, a few questions

    I'd recommend it. Great commuter and wild fun to ride. Also lots of easy mods to play with that are not crazy expensive. I come from a sport racing / riding background and am now hooked on motards. Mucho fun at lower speeds for those of us who are beginning to find 100kph+ wheelies a bit nutz as we grow older........ Def recommend a Corbin seat though - else yer pickn wedgies all day. Z
  14. motardjunkie

    Edelbrock Manuals

    I have just picked up a DRZ-Sm that has been upgraded quite a bit by a poor fellow that had to get rid of it but I do not have the manual for the edelbrock carb and was wondering if anyone out there has it scanned in PDF? Which way is leaner vs. richer? It is running great and I don;t want to mexx with it until I have the manual. SDSSCOTTO had it posted but his website will not allow a download. Any help greatly appreciated.