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  1. FrEaK50s

    A little something i made

    you should come over some time and teach me how to turn like that lol...
  2. FrEaK50s

    Moose levers for free

    I have a 1994 KX125 that I could use em for...I broke my clutch lever in a bad crash a few days ago....
  3. FrEaK50s

    TTR225, TTR230, TTR250 Which one?

    allright heres my 2 cents... If I had a choice between the TTR225 or the TTR230 I would deffinately go with the 230 it is an all around better bike, it just seems like the 225 was poorly made (no offense) but the 250 is also a good choice you can get that street legalized also so you can have a on/off road bike with the 250, allthough the 250 is way harder to control considering the weight difference so if it was me I would go with the TTR230 great bike pretty light weight and reliable -Jordan-
  4. FrEaK50s

    93' kx125, good bike, good deal?

    I bought my 1994 KX125 for $1000 even....but then again all it had was a fatty pipe
  5. FrEaK50s

    Baja 500

    yeah never mind....I'll just ask to borrow my friends CRF250F.....anyways thanks for all the umm....well...never mind
  6. FrEaK50s

    Somethings wrong with my TTR125

    lol....I havent had to work on my bikes myself before....so I dont know all the terms...
  7. FrEaK50s

    Baja 500

    lol yeah very funny...but I dont mean the competitors I mean the people I'm going with....I know I wouldn't be able to keep up with them they are way more experienced not to mention the power difference...I riding with some of my buddys on the track and I am way more aggresive than them....I mean way more....but they have 250s or 660s so....yeah whatever...I'll probally have the little bike 5th gear pinned the whole time....trying to keep up with there 4th gear cruising....lol anyways and to the DRZ/RMZ thingy...I meant RMZ but I'm not very up to date on suzukis....I dont own one but the RMZ250 looks pretty cool I might get it... anyways ttyl
  8. FrEaK50s

    Baja 500

    the article was in Dirt Rider magazine they did a series of bikes first it was DRZ400 (moded out) VS. DRZ400 (stock) then DRZ400 (moded out) VS. RM125 (stock) then DRZ400 (moded out) VS. RM85 (stock) then DRZ400 (moded out) VS. DRZ125 (stock) then DRZ400 (moded out) VS. BMX bicycle the guy on the 400 only won on the one with the bmx bike....lol but he was racing against a pro...
  9. FrEaK50s

    Baja 500

    I'm going to the Baja 500 in like a month and my KX125 is pretty messed up so Im gonna have to ride the TTR125 everybody else is on like WR426 or YZ250 or XR660 so do you think I'll be able to keep up? the thing is I am a way more aggresive rider than everyone else....they like to keep it easy....I read this article and a guy on a DRZ400 (moded out) lost to a guy on a bone stock DRZ125, so I guess its not the bike its the skill of the rider right? I should be good....I'm gonna ride the course afterwards to....its gonna be awesome....
  10. FrEaK50s

    sikk 125cc pitbike

    Allright I rode my friends sikk yesterday and it was awesome....I'm deffinately going to buy one... thanx
  11. FrEaK50s

    Somethings wrong with my TTR125

    I'm not the most technical person in the world so all I know is, Every time I turn the gas on it starts leaking gas.....and the leaking wont stop....whats wrong.....I found out it was comming from some tube thingy...lol any help is appreciated thanks
  12. FrEaK50s

    can you jump a 2003 xr80

    at 105 you might just float.....yeah.....but you dont want to stay up in the air forever..so....lol....j/k
  13. FrEaK50s

    LONGEST jump

    maybe a 50ft gap and 10 ft high it was on a crf150 I feel way more comfortable on thumpers and all my big bikes are pingers so I have no choice cept 4 the 150 lol....
  14. FrEaK50s

    extreme engine

    here is the definition on dictionary.com Jia·ling also Chia-ling ( P ) Pronunciation Key (jyälng) or Kia·ling (kyä-, jyä-) A river, about 965 km (600 mi) long, of central China flowing east and south to the Chang Jiang (Yangtze River) at Chongqing.
  15. FrEaK50s

    What 125cc Pit Bike

    oh definately the ssr c4