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  1. Do these run on pump gas or high octane?
  2. Do these 300's run on pump gas or high octane?
  3. That's what I am talking about! This bike has the best of both worlds and is ultra light. In the woods, you are constantly going over downed trees and rocks! Wish I could rent one for a day or two before dropping close to $9000 to own one.
  4. Definitely get a Spot Tracker, it is the way to go for us solo riders. The biggest danger is getting hurt in the middle of no-where and no-one knowing where we are, not mechanical failures. And always carry a comfortable pair of shoes in your pack in case you have to hike out. MC boots are not built for hiking!
  5. I am ready for a new bike. My 2008 Husqvarna TE510 is getting hard to find parts for and is too heavy for the riding I like (single track mountains). I bought a 2000 Gas Gas 280 TXT to try it out and I have been having fun on it. A KTM 300 XC-W sounds good but is still 225 lbs. with a 37.8" seat height, but KTM parts and mechanics are readily available. However, I am really interested in this: A Beta Evo Sport 300CC two stroke, with long distance tank and a seat. This baby is only 149 lbs. with a seat height of 32"! And the seat and extra tank comes off in a couple of minutes for a little trials bike riding. I am digging the fact I can touch the ground in all conditions, that is one reason I have dropped the Husky as many times as I have. Does anyone have one of these to give a little feedback on the motor and how it is holding up? Please type a few words with your thoughts. Thanks for the input. Here is a link to the Beta stats: And the KTM stats:
  6. Nice pictures! Makes me want to go riding.
  7. I love the idea of the extra tank for longer trail rides and the addition of a seat. Can you use the extra tank without the seat? Great feedback, it is exactly what I needed to make a decision. Thanks.
  8. Sabortooth- I am considering getting this model also, that or a Gasgas. I do like the addition of the long distance tank and seat. This will be my first trials bike and I am hoping it will take the place of my Husky TE510 (tired of fighting the weight). I find I very rarely sit down anyway and it just looks like too much fun! Sounds like the dealer took care of you with the repair. Any regrets at all? Doesn't sound like it so far. Keep on posting, it motivates me! Thanks.
  9. Problem is getting the new one. Husky won't sell the TPS sensor separately.
  10. MotoXotica- I went thru a lot of troubleshooting with the help of the forums here. It came down to testing things I was not equipped to do. I took it to the Moor Park dealer and dropped it off. After three weeks of troubleshooting with the Husky Tech. they tried a new throttle body from a brand new bike, which corrected the problem. They determined it was the TPS sensor and found out they are pressed into the throttle body hence a whole new $500 throttle body was needed. I told them to order one up because I could not find anything on the forums or internet about alternatives. Of course it is backordered coming from europe, so maybe by Xmas!? I was hoping someone would have an alternative solution. Thanks for the help.
  11. My dealer has advised that the TPS Sensor is bad and needs replacing. It is pressed into the throttle body so I need a whole new throttle body at a cost of almost $500. Anyone experienced this or have a cheaper solution?
  12. So I guess I need to keep the Husky for longer faster rides, my quad for the dunes, and now buy a trials bike! My wife will love to hear that. Better look for a used one instead of a $8000 new one then. What distance can you get on the trials bike when packing the extra fuel?
  13. I am convinced that I will propably get rid of my Husky if I do, because it just will not get ridden. Most of my rides are single track mountainous and rocky terrain, and less than 50 miles. I am also used to standing the entire ride. Any thoughts?
  14. Great info thanks. I did talk with Lewisport and they basically said the same thing. I would prefer to buy a used gasgas, but those fuel injected ossa's are pretty nice! I am going to make a two hour trip to visit Lewisport in the next few weeks to ride a few of the models they have. Unless I find a deal on a used one between now and then (which are hard to find in California), I may just be coming home with a new fuel injected ossa 280i.
  15. Thinking of getting a trials bike to play around on and I got to wondering about the whole green sticker/red sticker thing. Are they the same as other motorcycles and quads? 2002 and older green sticker and 2003 and newer red sticker? How about the four stroke models?