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  1. danieljones

    Pics of my crap.

    Oh guys im sorry i didnt no it was legal to sell marijuana? I dont no where you all are from but im pretty sure its no where in north america:confused: smoking it is one thing, selling it is whole different story.
  2. adam you should retire ur thumpertalk career right about...now
  3. danieljones


    your gonna get flamed for wrong forum dude
  4. danieljones

    suspension advice

    I have a 06 rmz 250 with stock suspension and looking to get it re-valved. I'm 6ft 180 lbs do you think that will need it? I have not set the sag yet so I don't no if that will help my problem or not but i seem to be bottoming a lot. Also, how much do most shops charge for giving them the whole bike and getting the forks and shock re-valved vs. giving them just the forks and shock and is the money I'll save in labor costs significant?
  5. danieljones

    Tech 7's smell like cat pee

    well do you have cat? that might be your problem
  6. Alright boys, you can think about it whatever way you want too, i mean their is no inbetween of white (not dieing) and black (dieing) considering your about ot hit a wall at 100mph. so id consider it as about as close to dieing as possible once you see the video youll no what i am talking about, but until then, cluck you:thumbsup:
  7. Alright speedyboy yes i would consider almost hitting a wall at 100mph almost dieing, and i guess because those exact words came from his dads mouth doesnt mean anything does it? mr knowitall. oh and this picture was not from his last movie, it was from a couple weeks ago.
  8. Heres a picture from a couple weeks ago of Travis jumping off the grand canyon. He almost died doing this by hitting a wall. Well heres the picture.. Just in case it doesnt work just click the link. http://s112.photobucket.com/albums/n186/s09djones/?action=view&current=pastra.jpg
  9. Hey kxfreak. i dont think ive seen you before there but lots theres always alot of people there. that was not an extension to the foam pit, it was a slid on roof, but everything else you said was spot on. that kid on the ttr (anthony) is an idiot and always rides the track backwards, ive almost hit him a few times myself:busted: maybe ill see you around sometime
  10. danieljones

    BUBBA and Monster Energy

    Well if you look at him in previous podiums he has his big monster energy can at least with him to hold up, weather or not it filled with Monster or not
  11. danieljones

    Supercross BUBBA and Monster Energy

    Did anyone else catch bubba's podium speech after winning his heat? He had his hat backwards and was drinking out of a water bottle. Then after he won he had his had forward but still was drinking water. Anyone know what going on with them????
  12. danieljones

    What will TP do next year?

    according to that anymous person hes not riding next year??
  13. danieljones


    i thought somebody said he retired
  14. danieljones

    good first truck?

    Getting called dumb by a person who doesn't understand basic puctuation, spelling or grammer is the best compliment I have had all day. Tell me one word I spelled one wrong in my phrase, besides using ur instead of your; and second of all, basic punctuation (not puctuation) is the same thing as grammar. For you, I would highly recommend selling all your gassers and going back to school. Dumbass.
  15. danieljones

    good first truck?

    i agree with socalrider, chickenhauler ur just dumb and you think just because you have to change two rather than one its more expensive.