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  1. rcmark1

    Decals on IMS Tank ?

    Anyone know of any decals that will STICK to an IMS tank? Thanks
  2. rcmark1

    Front tire "Wobble"

    I have tried 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 20 25 psi all wobble!
  3. rcmark1

    Front tire "Wobble"

    The bead is fine. The wheels a spin balanced.
  4. rcmark1

    Front tire "Wobble"

    I had a MT21 on the front of my DR650SE, it was fine on the road not so good in the dirt. I put on a MT16 on the front and it is excellent offroad but wobbles on the street. Anybody know of a full front knobby without the wobble? (Dont't care about DOT) MT18 ?? Scorpion Pro ?? Thanks
  5. rcmark1

    17” Knobby Web Page

    Yes, geocities has a limit (I didn't know) on how many times a site can be accessed in a day. I worked on it all day so I 'accessed' it many times. They want money to up the access. Try again later. Sorry!
  6. rcmark1

    17” Knobby Web Page

    I put together a web page (with pictures) containing all the 17” knobby tires could find. I did the original word document to help decide what tire I wanted. Thought other DR650 owners might find it interesting, so I put the page on my web site. Take a look if your interested in 17” knobbys! http://www.geocities.com/maarkdaay/tires.htm
  7. rcmark1

    DR650SE 2006 45 tooth sprocket ?

    Found!! To: Sales@SidewinderSprockets.com Sent: Thursday, August 31, 2006 8:04 AM Subject: 45 tooth steel rear sprocket I have a 2006 DR650SE with the stanard 525 chain. I would like to purchase a 45 tooth steel rear sprocket. Do you make one? What would be the least expensive steel sprocket? Thanks, Mark Reply: tool steel at 99.99....alex at 630-584-8666
  8. rcmark1

    DR650SE 2006 45 tooth sprocket ?

    Just called Jesse at Kientech Engineering the rear sprockets he has are aluminum.
  9. rcmark1

    DR650SE 2006 45 tooth sprocket ?

    Anyone know if a 45 tooth rear steel sprock is availible for the stock 525 chain? If not how long will a aluminum last compared to a steel sprocket? Thanks!
  10. rcmark1

    DR 650 - Air Box Mod - Is it worth it?

    YES it is!!
  11. rcmark1

    D606 vs MT21

    IRC VE33 5.10-17 "Vulcanduro" rear. PIRELLI MT-16 3.00R-21 front.
  12. rcmark1

    14t Sprocket with Clip

    I do not like the "clip".
  13. rcmark1

    18" tube on a 17" rim ?

    Dual Star's are Bridgestones and the ultra heavy duty tube they advertise as 17” are really 18”. I called them!
  14. Just put in the dynojet kit, 155 (DJ) main jet, needle clip in the 4th from the top position, Pilot jet screw 1 1/8 turn out.(I screwed Pilot jet screw in till the engine got rough and backed it out till it got smooth.) 06 DR650SE Stock Muffler Stock air filter, with airbox top cut out Elevaton 600' I am gettting a little 'surging' at 55mph in 5th. It did not do it before I changed things. Should I try moving the needle clip down a notch or richen or lean the pilot jet needle?
  15. rcmark1

    18" tube on a 17" rim ?

    Will a 18" tube work (properly) on a 17" rim? Thanks