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  1. California

    You should be way stoked. I don't think you would rather pay child support at lets say 600.00 a kid monthly, If the thread was a bitch thread I don't understand the point? Your a lucky man.
  2. 92049 & 92049 A
  3. True that. I've found that 3 sizes smaller will generally put you in the ball park and you might have to unbolt the cam one more time for fine tunning. If your only doing the intakes it helps to wire the chain to the exhaust cam and so it doesnt move on the cam trying to sneak out the intake cam. This will be your hardest part is rolling the cam in on the correct teeth or cam timiming. theres some good stickies up top.
  4. theres two seals in there. water pump and shaft seals.
  5. if the timing slipped(odd) both valves would be off. you can count cam chain pins.not sure how you can have the cams lined up and the correct timing mark used how you could say your not sure ? I would say you have a tight valve and that is the reason for a hard start.
  6. Supercross

    Oh yeah ! Jackie Johnson !
  8. I had Ron Hamp cycle now with Tuff racing do a CRf head with steel valves and copper seats and heavier springs.160 hrs or more on the valves. It might have more hrs than that,I'd have to look at the hour meter. I'm happy with the Ti valve life on my KXF's.
  9. very nice bike :thumbsup:
  10. thats why you should cover your filter prior to washing.
  12. You might be able to adjust it out with the fuel screw. or look for a exhaust leak.
  13. If you get a used head or yours is salvageable if you dont trust your mechanics head work send your head to MXTime and know that it will be done right for the right price.
  14. andrenialin a 06 to 09 should work
  15. I use the fmf 4 stroke easy packing. you would know because it is extra lound or tingy sounding.