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  1. no complaints. I was just wondering if I was going to need to change anything from the stock settings due to the bigger displacement and porting.
  2. I am building a 320 big bore stroker for my 04' Rmz 250 to run in the vet class. I am running an Athena 290 kit with a 59mm stroker and a WMR ported head with all their goodies on it. (guides, seats, coated Ti valves, coated buckets, conical springs, etc.) I have FMF exhaust and the stock carb (for now may bore later). Can anyone tell me what i should do for jetting the stock carb for this monster??? Any ideas Eddie? Also, has anyone got one of these kits or the 315 RPM kit? How will it do against the others running 450's?
  3. kawsuki560

    07 kx250f vs 04 kx250f

    my dad has a 04 250f with dep exhaust and aftermarket head and i got a 06 and mine still has more power stock