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  1. Send me your email and I will get you on our list of partials Joekers2@yahoo.com
  2. WOW a home cooked meal is always a good thing and to have one on the trail!!!!! that would be terrific... Come ride Oklahoma with us.. of perhaps a couple of days.... joeker
  3. Excellent... We have two KLR's and a GS 650 I don't know what the other bike is. Ride to Colorado with us!!! The more the better.. Two are staying in motels and 2 camping as of right now.. So take your pick. I like the KLR's but I am also looking at riding across Canada and down into Mexico.. A BMW would be great but a 400cc would be too small on the highways... So many choices.... PM me if you want to get together to eat lunch and talk about this...joeker
  4. I think we are up to four now.. Still looking for others to join. the more the better...
  5. joeker

    xt 350 problem

    Perform a Leak Down test, it is the only way to go. (It will tell you the condition of the engine. Never had a leak down lie). Where do you live? I can do it for you if you are near dallas. joeker
  6. joeker

    xt 350 problem

    We need some more information. Does it "Spit" out Blue smoke when its cold/warm? Cruising along/deceleration/acceleration? Does it start easy/hard? is it over filled with oil? Does the bike appear to have been abused (is the air filter clean, chain correct tension, etc)? joeker
  7. So far we have two riders from Texas. We are going to ride the entire TAT starting Sept. 1st (4400 miles of dirt from Tennessee to the Oregon coast) should take about a month. We are camping when possible. This is a low budget PB&J adventure. This is an open invitation to anyone who thinks they might want to ride some or all of the TAT. joeker
  8. joeker

    MMI in AZ

    MMI will prepare you for an entry level position. It is a reputable school. Not all dealers are reputable. To find a dealer that takes care of his mechanics is difficult. I worked in the industry 8 years and worked with some outstanding mechanics but was not able to make enough money to raise a family and live the quality of life I desired. If you have a chance to go to college I would strongly recommend it. Perhaps change you major, graduate then go to MMI.
  9. joeker

    Are you kidding me?

    OOOOOOOoooohhh but wait it gets better! try this one, it's on the road! http://www.powersportsmax.com/product_info.php/products_id/84
  10. joeker

    MMI in AZ

    Graduate in 94 Hontech very well put.
  11. joeker

    48 state or CA. addition klr

    The red or green has to do with the color of the plastic. Apparently California is the only state that still has green 2006 KLRs. The rest of the US, (surely I am exaggerating, I hope) have sold out and can not get any.
  12. I have narrowed it down (and down and down) to a KLR 650. I want a new one (I know I will catch a little grief about that) because of the warranty and I don't want any head aches (that might come with a used bike). My problem is..... I want a 2006 GREEN one, not a RED one. I live in Dallas and I am not able to find one in my state or the surrounding states, the dealers just laugh and put me on a waiting list (13th at one dealer). I went so far as to try and by the floor demo at the Ft. Worth Motorcycle show (nope, it was for showing only). I flew to California to visit family and just popped in a shop and they had 8 red one and 7 GREENS ones !!! Now this is my question, what exactly is the difference between a CA. version and a 48 state bike. AND is it so much of a difference that I should just keep looking in the other 48 states??? Is there a difference in the ride?? Can I make a CA. version into a 48 state bike??? I am planning on riding this thing for years and years and just want to happy with this choice. Any and all input is greatly appreciated. thanks joeker