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  1. Don't know how much feedback I will be able to offer as it will be my first ride in the dirt.Have only putted up and down the street a bit in stock form
  2. Ordered Slavens S3 Mule head and billet water pump impeller.Hopefully get it before the weekend and tear into it and get out for a break in ride
  3. You will have a rectifier already in order to charge the battery no?At most you might need a higher output stator and voltage regulator I'm thinking.Trail Tech has i believe
  4. Once I push enough clutter out of the way in my garage I have to Install Vforce reeds and JD jetting kit,new 5.1 mm/kg shock spring,wire battery tender to battery and put inline fuel filter in.Have some clear vinyl to put on side panels too Then wait for nicer weather and go break it.In
  5. The old light seemed to be able to locate the two4 of PBRs OK.What brand LED have you got?
  6. So I would like to be pro active in fixing clutch slave piston before it becomes a problem out on the trail.I had a 7602 Racing slave piston in my 08 TXC 510 but they have nothing listed for the new bikes Does anyone know the KTM part #s needed to replace the Magura piston with the Brembo piston?Same fluid used? Thanks in advance
  7. Picked the new ride up today
  8. Mind change time.Going with TX for the air forks
  9. Oops sorry didnt see TX.Were you not happy with the Mikuni?
  10. Have you got a 2017 or 2018 2cold?
  11. So after almost a 4 year break I'm getting back into the game.It arrives next week.Having dealer put on Cycra hand gaurds and Pro moto billet rad gaurds.My neighbour has the Emperor skid plate/pipe gaurd on his KTM and it looks pretty trick but also quite weighty.One of those may find its way on before riding season gets here though I've heard that people were replacing the Keihin carb with a Lectron on the 17s but see that the 18s have a Mikuni.Anybody have any feedback on this change?I know on the older Cagiva 2Ts it was the opposite.Mikunis were ditched for a JD Keihin.So any other tips or advice would be great guys.Thanks in advance
  12. Put Cycra center reach on my 12 rr350 and fit like snot. Picked up used 12 rr450 race bike.Dont want to mess around this time.Should I just get the EEs from Beta US?Any suggestions?
  13. Oh no.Hes over here now
  14. And I run Amsoil.In the bikes. In the truck. In the trucks differentials in the transfer case in the power steering pump and sometimes in the fuel tank
  15. I have a 12.Full FMF exhaust ordered for a 2009 YZF 450.Fits like a glove