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  1. LadyHarleyMXer

    The scoop on NJORVP

    You should get your story straight before reporting any news. The previous groomer was NOT fired - He QUIT! I myself have been investigating the grooming situation - and low and behold, the office personnel knew of the broken pipes. Seems that when the groomer started, there were already broken pipes that were in need of repair. Seems management didn't want to cooperate as far as giving him the hours he needed to groom ALL tracks, do maintenance work and repairs. No wonder the groomer quit. It seems NJORVP has become a very shabby outfit. Seems ALL the GOOD employees have left. Look whats working there now!
  2. LadyHarleyMXer

    NJORVP Pictures

    Not sure of what it looks like now.......it was great a great a couple of months ago. What happened to the groomer?