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    white bros
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    Help wiring Stock headlight to Tusk kit

    I went to the local auto parts store and bought a new plug for a dual beam bulb,around $2.
  3. 93dps

    Thinking about trading

    i was in the same boat and decided to go with the klr.i held onto my klx400(green drz) just in case i made a bad choice.the klr is much better on the road ,much more comfortable on longer trips and much more capable of hiway riding.great for dirt roads and wide smooth trails.it does not compare to the drz in performance and single track ability.the klr feels heavy when you get off the drz but after you ride it you get used to it.it all depends on the type of riding you mainly do,around town under 65mph the drz is great but anything over 70 for any amount of time you cant beat the klr.the thing i like most about the klr is you can ride for 2 hours find an old dirt road go check it out and ride home without feeling like youve been beat up.im over 40 and i think that played a roll in my choice to keep the klr and go ahead and sell the klx.its like going from a jeep cj7 to a 4wd suburban,you cant go as many places but you can get there more comfortably.good luck
  4. 93dps

    Bike Speedometer

    Check Out The Vapor By Trail Tech
  5. i drained the carb changed the plug everything seems to be good .had to cut my zip ty fuel screw to get it off the starter.thanks for the help.hope it was just bad fuel.
  6. yes it was running great if you could nurse it by right off idle.and it did not do it all the time.one more thing ,i did fill up about 50 miles before it started this,you dont think that this sounds like bad gas ??
  7. 03 e,jd jet kit ,162,blue needle 4th slot from top,(per jd instruction),snorkle removed,2turns out on stock fuel screw,stock everything else,sea level,85and up deg f,ran great for about 80 miles after rejet.then it started dying when you just barely crack the throttle.installed my zip-ty extended fuel screw so i could jack with the pilot setting,having the same result.any idea what i may have going on here??? also the fuel screw is hitting my starter ever seen that?thanks
  8. 93dps

    Cleaning the bike with??

    scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaner works wonders.
  9. 93dps

    jd jetting kits??

    i have a 03 green e,live and ride@ sea level i would like to remove the snorkel,and get a pipe later on.does the james dean kit come with enough jets to to do both or do i have to get two differnt kits?also will a yoshi r3 off of an s work on an e model?
  10. 93dps

    3x3 for an e????

    i see all the info for jetting and 3x3 mod for the s and sm.is this mod not needed with an e model???
  11. i just bought a green DRZ with a rekluse clutch and im having a hard time getting it set up right.any time i pull in the clutch to override the rekluse i have to rev the bike up to about 3500 rpms to get the rekluse to engage,and when it engages it hits all at once so you have to be ready for the hit.after it engages it takes off allright ,but it wants to pull when you are stopped so you have to keep the brake locked.its also hard to find neutral.i got the stock clutch with the bike so im thinking about going back with it.does any one have a diagrahm of the stock clutch.the two boss springs is my main concern ,im not sure which goes first,the flat or beveled one??any recomendations on getting the rekluse set up right or the factory clutch would be appreciated.
  12. the 410 is an e model,electric start dual sport.any more happy owners out there?anything in particular to look out for?less than 3000 miles and it sounds like its been well taken care of.are parts for the older huskies are readily available?
  13. i know this is probably the wrong place to do this but here goes.im looking at getting into dual sporting and have pretty much made my mind up on a drz,but i came across a guy that has a 2000 te 410e and a 2003 te610e for sale.how do these bikes compare to the suzuki.and how hard is it to get parts for these bikes?i live in Texas and i dont know of any husky dealers around here.also what are decent prices on these bikes?hes asking more than the nada but the 610 has zero miles on it.thanks
  14. 93dps

    shillow ridge TX.

    where is cherokee located?
  15. 93dps

    Help!!!!Moving to Houston!!!

    check out texas offroad network,and kisatchie national forest web sight