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  1. dirtynpink

    Pants & boots for a big girl

    Hi, I know just how you feel, I'm right at a 14 myself and have found that the fox brand fits me well. My better half just remimded me that the Troy lee mens in a 34 fit me well too. Hey just wait till you try to find a roost protector. I ended up with the fox ladies in m/l I'm a size d and it fits great. As for the boots the stellas are totally worth it, there a very comfortable fit, I tried on lots of pairs and there worth the extra expense. Try checking ebay you might find a second hand pair. Good Luck
  2. dirtynpink

    Hi, new on the site

    Hello ladies! Well I'm Tooofasts better half from LV, and I am finally online. Val and Brian from TT have been a huge help in getting me started. Went through the Dirt Bike school last weekend, and couldn't wait to get my bike and get started. Val helped hook me up with a 2004 CRF230 that way dying to go home with me, so my fantastic man snapped it up. My man just needs to get the lowering link put in (I'm too short for a bike this big) and I'll be ready to go. Just wanted to say Hello!
  3. dirtynpink

    Roost protectors or pressure suits for women?

    Hello ladies I'm tooofasts better half and the one in need of a chest protector that will fit my bigger than average chest size. I tried on the Acerbis Roost Protector but it was too tight. Fox only appears to make a m/l so thinking that may not fit. Also tried on a few guys large at a local shop but the girls just came out either side. Does anyone have any suggestions, I'd sure appreciate the help. Thx