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  1. equabile

    How do I get more Power?

    im kinda afraid of tweaking anything mechanical on my yz205f, kind like making it a shooting star, i want it to have a long life span, should i be so concerned?
  2. equabile

    Got a little X in my YZF

    very clean job, almost too clean.......... go dirty up that machine!!! lol
  3. equabile

    carb questions

    i have an 01yz250f. at the bottomn of the carb is a knob, it looks like the idle ajustment, is it? i wasnt sure, also "not carb related" what is the recomended sag for these beasts? i dont have a book for my bike, thats why i ask.
  4. equabile

    2002 yzf 250 red carb knob ?

    where can one get the kit for the hotstart to the bars?
  5. i was wondering what the start drill is, i just bought a 01 yz 250f, a couple hours ago. i am more familliar with 2 strokes "im sorry" but i have repented lol. i love the new four strokes!!!! the way i am starting it now is as follows.... gas on, choke on, decompress, kick through a couple of times "3 or 4", release decomperssion lever, bring piston to compression, then a little further, kick and hope she starts. it seems to work half of the time, but half of the time isnt enough, thanx a bunch
  6. equabile

    Are all YZ250F's like this?

    oh man, im glad its not just me. i have had a hell of a time getting used to the clutch and starting drill for my new 250f. i always owned 2 strokes, but ive gone four-and im never going back