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  1. snd450

    conti force sm tire wear?

    Keep in mind that the Conti SM tires are designed for the lighter bikes like the DRZ. They warm up very fast. The other tires like the Pilots are designed for heavier bikes and won't warm up as fast or as evenly as a SM specific tire.
  2. snd450

    I just cant have nice things

    Off road damage gives the bike character. If you do go off road and don't have lever guards carry extra clutch and brake levers. I once broke two clutch levers and one brake lever on one ride. It sucks riding home w/out a clutch lever.
  3. snd450

    conti force sm tire wear?

    I ride pretty hard and mine needs to be replaced with about 2000 miles. My center is at the wear bars and the sides are about 2 tenths behind. I use my tires all the way to edge. Lots of wheelies and no burnouts.
  4. snd450

    thinking of getting a cruiser

    Besides the DRZ, I also have a Vrod and Geezer Glide. Both are fun to ride. THe Vrod is very fast and I have done some suspension work. The Geezer Glide has a Big Bore and is all day comfortable.
  5. snd450

    Battery Dead; Stuck in Egypt (BFE).

    Use the aftermarket that you installed prior to the trip to start the bike...
  6. snd450

    whaddya think of this OIL LEAK?

    Is that a cracked frame i see Just to the left of the nut in Pic#3? Looks like a eazy fix if so. Weld it shut.
  7. snd450

    my sm wheels

    I think that happens everytime they need an excuse for late shipments. It happend the last two times that I had wheels shipped for my Harley. I thought that it was weird that it happend twice to me. I wonder if it will happen when my SM wheels get shipped next week
  8. I have that on my bike. It looks great but its not that bright. If you are going to ride in traffic alot I would think of something else. It has plastic on the side that you can use to mount any kind of turnsignals. I am using the small led ones.
  9. snd450

    1st Post

    Video and still shots will be no problem. I currently have no video or stills for the DRZ. As soon as the weather gets a bit warmer I will get some posted up. As far as the reformed part. One of my best friends was killed riding like a jerk in 04. At 36 years old with two kids and a wife I decided that this was the wake up call that I needed to slow it down a little. I don't want some other dude raising my kids because I was being stupid. I still like to play I just do it a little slower.
  10. snd450

    Parting out or selling whole?

    So what kind of wheels are they and do they just bolt on?
  11. snd450

    Tire Size Dr-z 400s

    I have the Maxxis 6006 on the back in 140/80-18 and it has plenty of room. I know each tire manufacturers sizes are different but with th e amount of room that is left over between the swingarm sides and exhaust at max compression you will be ok.
  12. snd450

    1st Post

    The guy who had it before me cut out the smaller hole in the stock pipe with a saw and removed the baffle. Its louder now but the only thing I can compare that to was my DRZ250. which was completely stock. The bike does have the 3x3 airbox mod and the jetkit also. As far as the wheelies go I have the stock gearing on the bike. The guy I bought it from had the smaller front gear but it reved the piss out of it on the highway so I put the stock one back on. 1st gear throttle wheelies all the time. 2nd gear throttle and a yank are all I need . 3rd gear clutch ups are the norm for me. 4th gear stand ups no clutch just a good bounce is all that needed. Now I must admit that wheelies are my strong suit. I can even ride standups on my Vrod. Its all about timing and practice. Its very hard to explain how to do them. Try this. In 2nd gear around 15-20Mph roll on the throttle letting the suspension extend. close the throttle letting the supension compress then roll on the throttle and give the bars a yank. and the front should just float up. MAKE SURE YOU COVER THE BACK BRAKE IN CASE THE WHEEL COMES UP HIGHER THAN YOU WANT. If it does just tap (light pressure) the brake to bring the front end down. Its all about practice. Just realise that your first wheelies are going to be small and not very long. One one my sportbike guys can't do them on his Gixxer 1000. His timing is all off. Just a hard roll on in 1st or 2nd should bring the front end on that bike up. What I love about this bike is that the wheelies are at much safer speeds. BTW One other thing I did not mention is that I am one of the sportbike guys in the Nudespeed stunt vids and I am in one of the BmoreX vids on my Vrod. But please don't hold that against me. I have since reformed my crazy sportbike riding ways.
  13. snd450

    1st Post

    No track bikes for me. I do the occasional track day but that is about it.
  14. snd450

    1st Post

    Sorry, My name is Scott. And the bike had most of the common Mods when I bought it. 3x3. jet kit, case guards, skid plate and Kick start. The pipe core was removed also. I have plans of a set of 17 rims for the street in the spring.
  15. snd450

    1st Post

    Just wanted to introduce myself. I have been meaning to for a while but I never got around to it. I bought a 03' DRZ400s from a member of this site last fall. I have 5 bikes in the stable now. A 00 Gixxer 600, a 03 Gixxer 750, a 03 DRZ400S,a 04 HD Vrod, and a 05 CRF50 play bike. Of course my wife hates every single one of them. I sold my DRZ250 woods bike last year. That was a fun bike but I got tired of trailering it to go riding. I have to admit that I have the most fun on the DRZ. The bike is a wheelie monster. I really can't fiqure out why something that fun can be tagged for the road. Anyways I just wanted to say hi and give some of my background. This forum has a lot of good info on it and I have learned much by lurking for the past 8 or 9 months.