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  1. beezcr250

    2001 400sx

    I just wanted to introduce myself to all you ktm guys. I just switch over from an 01 cr250 to a 01 400sx and i absolutley love it. I like most of you agree KTM is a cult thing and i will have ktm shoes haha, anyways nice to be a part of the ktm club.
  2. beezcr250

    Training Wheels

    I just Purchased a 2006 jr 50 for christmas for my son, and was wondering if anyone had any training wheels that work for this bike they want to sell or get rid of? thanks
  3. beezcr250

    help !!!!!!!!!!!

    ok i need help, i went riding and my friend rode my 03 ttr 225 as i was following him i started smelling oil and then immediatley saw white smoke coming out the left side so i got him to stop. the oil in the case got so hot i burned a hole through the plastic cap you take of to adust the flywheel and the oil spueed out the side what would cause this.? please help
  4. beezcr250

    skid plate question

    i have a works connection skid plate, and my question is about the clamps. i am wondering i have three of the clamps on with no problem but it seems like i have to unmount the engine mounts to put on the clamp on the brake side. the one in the back . any help?