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  1. beery

    My first DR650 and loving it!

    Nice bike i got an Australian 2007 model a week ago we don't get the black model so mine looks identical to yours bar the seat. i hate being a year behind every1 else
  2. beery

    DR600 Starts but wont go.

    Ding Ding Ding we have a winner:applause: After i finally got to work (lucky m good friends with my boss) i calmed down and i work for the postal service so i made afew people's day harder for them for my own amusement, i thought about it and bypassed the switch when i got home andbingo it worked
  3. beery

    DR600 Starts but wont go.

    Ok heres what happend i was ridding along at about 60 then my bike looses power. So i pull over and find nutral and see if she'll start. She goes first kick so i put in the clutch and put her into 1st she stall straight away but when i try to roll her she wont move so the gear is engaging Would i be right to say my clutch is gone or is there something else that could be wrong?
  4. beery

    Any DR600 owners?

    I am the proud owner of a 1989 DR600 RK Dakar. The SP600 was the american model, it is exactly the same as the DR600 and it was only made in 1985 and was seen in the Chuck Noris movie Delta Force. If anyone needs any service information on the DR600 i have all the Official Suzuki dealer Books. Owner manual, Suzuki Parts Catalogue, Suzuki 1989 model tecnical information Book and the Offical Suzuki Service manual. Also if anyone who ownes a DR600 and needs the Offical Suzuki Service manual fire me a PM i have a spare copy is covers the DR600 S & R between 1985 and 1987. And i havnt forgotten all you other suzuki owners. Check out this site find your year and model and part, Alpha Sports - Suzuki Motorcycle Parts Catalogue http://www.alpha-sports.com/suzuki_parts.htm (If your looking For DR600 goto 1985 SP600 except for DR600's after 1987)
  5. beery

    Replacement parts question - Interpreting part codes

    I use this site for part codes they use scaned pictures of the parts manual http://www.alpha-sports.com/suzuki_parts.htm CT5 is black NJ9 is white at a guess beery
  6. beery

    86 DR600 Dakar

    Thats exactly what i paid for mine once you convert Dollars into Dollars. GET IT!! you wont regret it.
  7. beery

    86 DR600 Dakar

    Whats the asking price?
  8. beery

    86 DR600 Dakar

    I own a 89 DR600 Dakar they are a damn good bike but you may have some issues first of all. the valves will more then likely need some attention (mine needed help) but then again you may be lucky. If it is like mine it uses a 2 stroke carb so it has a air screw at the side not a fuel screw at the bottom Starting issues!!! when you buy the bike if it is warm it will start first kick don't be fooled, if it is cold get your leg ready if you lucky it will start easy then again by the time i fixed it i was taking 10mins to start mine. The way to fix it is cheep and easy so I'll tell you in case you need it, first start the bike from dead cold get of let it idle check the exhaust system for leaks if you find 1 fix it then the remove the plug caps from the leads and get a flat blade screw driver dismantle the caps and clean them out especially the springs then put them back together, grab your leads and a pair of wire cutters cut the leads about 1/2 inch from the end put it all together and it should be fine. Now after the fix from cold after not being started for 4days it took me 5 kicks. these are the main issues i can think off but if you have any or need any info i have everything except the work shop manual and am more than willing to help. beery
  9. beery

    Dr650 motor into a DR600 frame

    It has lost all compression i was going down the road and it stalled with no warning and wouldnt start again. There is no noise when kicking throught or blocking and the decompression leaver works as it should. My thinking is its the exhaust valve seals. There was one thing when it started for the last time, i'll go throught what i did. As normal i slowly kicked down half way unlil you feel the compression then i pulled the decompression leaver in the kicked down a fraction more until leaver pops out then up to the top and kicked down like i meant it, 9 out of 10 times this works but the last time it was like it got stuck on the kick down around the point when you hit the compression point the first time almost broke my foot it did that to me so i gave my buddy a try and it did the same to him, It did it a few times then started.
  10. beery

    Dr650 motor into a DR600 frame

    Have you been looking at www.dr600.de I wish the Germans would translate their site.
  11. beery

    Dr650 motor into a DR600 frame

    Ive currently got a 1988 DR600R and the motor has died and I'm thinking of dropping in a DR650 from about 1990-93 is this possible to do, will it be a straight swap or will i have to mod it to fit? Any help would be most welcome. beery