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  1. markpsi

    drz e power mods(low budget)

    thanks all,i went down to my local moto dealer and they told me the main jet on the e here is 165 where can i go from that with a rejet!the power isnt bad power wheelies 1st second and third but iv got nuthn in fourth,does anyone else get a big off idle flat spot when not fully warmed up? i have to warm it for at least a few mins b4 riding!
  2. markpsi

    pastrana high bend on drz 400e

    i went for a charcol set of fly aero high bend they look great!i took them for a ride today and it`s awsome,standing feels so much more natural.it`s only now i realised how bad it was!
  3. markpsi

    drz e power mods(low budget)

    what power mods can i do for a drz e?what restictions do they come out from factory with!does the e come out with a 165 main jet?what exhaust mod can i do with the baffle?any feed back would be great instructions with pics would be awsome since in no mechanic!thanks
  4. markpsi

    pastrana high bend on drz 400e

    problem solved!i re routed the trottle cables along the throttle side,perfect!bars are great so much better to stand with!
  5. markpsi

    pastrana high bend on drz 400e

    i ended up fitting up some bars with a height of 110 mm and yep the throttle cables max out when i turn right!is there any way of getting some more slack out of the cables?also the ignition barrel gets in the way so i can`t use the bar pad!Did`nt work out as i had planned,lol!
  6. markpsi

    pastrana high bend on drz 400e

    yeah i think pastrana fmx is what is should have said,I think they are 4.75 high 30.5 wide and 2.17 pull back!i`m 6`4 and just want a nice high bar so i can be comfortable standing without bending over!
  7. i want to put some high bend handlebars on my drz 400 e ,preferably pastrana fmx high bend form pro taper!will the fit do i need to buy clamps ect??im a newby and don`t know to much about bikes.
  8. markpsi

    I bought a DRZ400S

    i was wondering if someone could reply in maby a list form what mods to start with for my new drz400e 2006,what type of jetting kit do i get ect,want a little more power!is a kickstarter kit hard to install?thanks
  9. just brought an 06 drz400e and i can definatly hear a pinging on any type of engine load!and the engine overall sounds noisey
  10. markpsi

    I bought a DRZ400S

    i just brought a 06 drz400e i`m going to do right thing and run it in properly,although it`s hard!I have noticed that the engine is a little noisey and it seems to ping under even light load,it`s not really loud but loud enough to make me a little concerned,has anyone recently got a new drz and had the same problem or am i just being nurotic??and can any one instruct me on some of the first and cheapest mods to carry out?
  11. markpsi

    DRZ tool kit stolen and my rain gear!

    i was just wondering how well drz 400 wheelies!not tak`n into account talent,my bro`s wr 450 mono`s no prob 1st 2nd 3rd just twist the thottle,how would the drz match up obviously not as good but.....