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  1. big end of the connecting rod went bad no it was not a lack of oil that caused it and engine guy split the cases and put the rod and crank in it i put the top end on i am seconds from smashing this thing with a sledge i should have kept my kdx 250 never had any problems with that i take perticulary good care of everything i own
  2. clutch is adjusted properly motor is a fresh build with 3700 miles originally oil is fresh new motor has about 65 miles on it and no falls except a stuip on in a puddle doing about 5 mph
  3. bike was runing good till the end of the day could not get it to 1st then neutral unless i shut motor off and my son rocked the bike and me on hand and knees bashing the shifter up and down till it got there please help :banghead:
  4. that is true could be possible how do you prevent this?
  5. no water in the oil i meticulasly maintained the entire bike
  6. i use oil filter pliers sounds wierd but it works
  7. allready did the build with stock crank and rod from hot rods and a big bore kit with vertex piston and cylinder works cylinder this was a low budget build got a deal for ron ayers on the crank and big bore kit for 560 so the stroker was out of the question maybe next time. do you know the part that reall sucks is that the waranty and extended waranty was up 1 year ago when it happened. wishing i still had my kdx 250 what a dozer that bike was
  8. i bought the bike brand new changed the oil at 500, 1000, 1000, 1000, 3700 mile yosh pipe 400e cams fcr carb and evans coolant
  9. does any one know how this could happen 2006 drz400sm 3700 miles very attement with oil changes all fluids were full never over heated and ran evans coolant please help
  10. does any one know what would cause the big end to fail like that?
  11. bearing failure at the big end of the connecting rod to the crank. also i did what e marquez said to do and i am on the final step of runing cheap oil through the frame and i am still getting metal flakes bun not as much as i was when i started
  12. just rebuilt my motor and i am stumped on how to clean the frame out of metal filings before i ruin my new motor please help thanks
  13. i did the base gasket change along with the cams for an e model. if you don't have the money for a big bore kit it sure is worth every penny of 40 dollars for the e model gasket. don't be fooled by these guys telling you its not worth woke my bike right up
  14. i have the thumper talk fcr carb conversion, yosh pipe, 400e base gasket, and stage 1cams intake and exhaust, and 3+3 air box mod. what main jet should i use? 160 main jet 200 main air jet emn needle clip 3 45 pilot jet 100 pilot air jet 2 turns fuel screw
  15. Honda

    my budy wants to know if there is a reverse upgrade for a 400 ex?