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  1. The point is I can snug the bolts with a nut driver, safety wire the bolts, and not have to worry about the bolts coming loose or worry about torquing the bolts and possibly stripping them. The o-ring creates the seal, not the tightness of the bolts.
  2. Drill the heads and safety wire them. http://gallery.me.com/kirkdeen#100021
  3. Get out the snowmobile!
  4. I did this early on with my '06. I have never noticed any ill effects. Bike is still running strong. (Knock on wood).
  5. So in the first picture that mashed thing that goes down the tube and curls around at the bottom is the inner aluminum rod that goes in the damper??? That is scary looking stuff. That's the kind of stuff I think about after I put my forks back together. Going to be extra careful this time.
  6. I use No Toil filter oil and Twin Air filters and have not had any problems. I always wipe out the air boot when I change the filter and have never seen any dust in the boot; however, we don't have much of the super-fine dust here. The oil will migrate to the bottom of the filter if you let the oiled filter sit on the bike for a few days.
  7. Awesome! Man, I could into so much trouble on that!
  8. Hurricane Hills. Last weekend Jeff said they would be open 'until the snow flies'.
  9. In the past they have closed for hunting season because they hunt on the property. If weather permits they sometimes open again after hunting season.
  10. When I changed the fork oil on by '06 after breakin, I recall that the outer chamber oil was not too bad looking. Later (maybe after 30 hours or so) when I had to replace a fork seal, I changed the inner chamber oil as well. It was nasty looking, like dirty molasses as crf-f crf-r trx cbr said.
  11. Cool. I'll be the guy with the red Honda hat. What time you planning on being there?
  12. I think I'll stop by and check it out. (just look not ride.) How can I recognize you?
  13. Just spoke with one of the kids at Hurricane Hills. He said "call back, dad's on the tractor." So maybe that's a good sign... Called back at 7:00pm and just got the recorded message from Wednesday.
  14. Where'd you get the Dunlop on sale? I just bought one from Bob's. I think it was 60 something.
  15. Which brake lines did you get?