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  1. Green Bean

    Propre jetting for altitude

    I used a 122 Dynojet main last year with just a slight pilot adjustment from my Kansas setting. Could probably dial it in to the prefect setting with just a little tweeking but didn't see the need, it ran great where it was. I have only done the free mods though.
  2. Green Bean

    Headlight Modification

    Yokomo I live about 15 minutes east of Wichita.
  3. Green Bean

    Headlight Modification

    That's exactly the case Colorado Kid, but as I said earlier I don't know if this puts undo strain on the wiring or stator.
  4. Green Bean

    Headlight Modification

    I did read in a thread from July '07 posted by "Kargo27" called headlight bulb for KLX330 That indeed if you turn the bulb upside down that the second filament will light up giving you the bright beam. I too tried this and it does work, I don't know if it has a negetive effect on the wiring system or stator. I have not used it this way for an extended period while riding.