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  1. Honda

    Change out the factory oil and go from there. I change the oil about every 20 hours of use.
  2. Honda

    I don't know anything about the Raptor but my 400EX is perfect for me. I'm 41 and 175lbs. It's not the fastest quad but it is great for tight and fast trails.
  3. Honda

    Mine will take 2 qts. with a filter change.
  4. Honda

    Yes the fronts are directional, the rears are not.
  5. Honda

    Razr 2's wear very well and hook up great. I'm very happy with them.
  6. Honda

    I'm very happy with my 400EX.
  7. Honda

    Reverse started in 2005 and newer.
  8. Honda

    I'm very happy with my 400EX. It is a great all around reliable machine with low maintanance.
  9. Honda

    Sport clutch and different plastic is all I know of.
  10. Honda

    For the 400EX... .004" intake, .005" exhaust. The other two I don't know.
  11. Honda

    I bought my wife an 05 250EX. They are pretty much bulletproof. They do idle low but will idle on its own when warmed up. The suspension is stiff and the stock tires are terrible. If maintained properly it will last forever. The ones you are looking at sound like they were abused.
  12. Honda

    1.75 qts.
  13. Honda

    Yes they will fit. I put that size on my quad which had the same size original tires as the 450R.
  14. Honda

    Yes, engine and trans.
  15. Honda

    There is a plug on the bottom of the oil tank and one under the shifter. The oil filter is behind the round cover on the clutch side of the engine. If you drain all the oil and change the filter it should take 2 quarts.