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  1. NewYork

    yes to wednesdays pleeeeeeease
  2. NewYork

    oh yeah, that upper track blows. did u see the track thats being built across the street? i was there last month and it looked like it was being cut in. not sure if its gonna be an MX track or not. does anyone know the details?
  3. NewYork

    wait...are u talking about the narrow, rock filled track on top of the hill next to the main track? or.... the track that they look to be building across the street from the main track?
  4. NewYork

    stylin' and profilin' as usual
  5. Connecticut

    whats up homie!!!! lets ride. dvn and i are going on wednesday. when will your bike be back together?
  6. Connecticut

    look at that ripper at the 4 minute mark! i want a hd go pro too. lets get them and just film each other. its gonna be soooooo cute!
  7. NewYork

    you're sweatin' my dance moves about as much as my....... LOOK-OVERS!!!!!!!
  8. NewYork

    damn lappers always getting in my way!!!!
  9. Connecticut

    HA!!!! thats classic. it wasnt bob (this time). it was jim. hows the knee?
  10. Connecticut

    that kid was straight rippin'
  11. Connecticut

    yo ross. did you see the pics from saturday? check out RK2Photos.com
  12. UH, HELLO???? are you forgetting someone? moto three, mofo
  13. whoa! someone went big... with the photo. sicko, man. i wish a could of been there. are you going to walden on next saturday?
  14. witness!!!
  15. gaaaaaaaaay! just kidding r.h.