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  1. Dirt Knapper

    noob question

    It’s a reservoir, kind of like a overflow tank on a car. Some people add a little fluid to it, some leave it empty. It may get liquid in it as your bikes engine heats and cools or when you lay it over. As long as you have coolant in the radiator your in good shape.
  2. Dirt Knapper

    California Zapped my Z - need suggestions

    I thought I would post back after finally getting the bike dialed in. I ended up with a slip on exhaust. FMF powercore 4. I installed the DynoJet kit with a 155 main and needle, 3 and a half turns out on the fuel screw. Removed the snorkel for the 3X3. Let me tell you. what a difference. I'm stoked for now. Wheelies are much much easier. I'm taking it our next weekend for a torture test.
  3. Dirt Knapper

    Jetting a 06 DRZ400E - calif. model

    I finally got the exhaust. FMF powercore 4 slip on. I removed the snorkel and installed the 155 main and needle from the Dynojet kit, 3 and a half turns on the fuel screw. After everything was back together, I fired it up. Man what an improvement. I couldn't believe the difference. Thanks burned for all the help.
  4. Dirt Knapper

    06 TTR125LE Jetting stumble

    Just thought I would let you all know how everything went. Well I put the FMF Powercore 4 full exhaust system on both bikes removed the snorkels and cut to 1" holes in the air boxes. I installed the 107.5 mains with a 115 pilot. 2 turns out on the fuel screw. These bikes are now running perfect. My daughters love them. Thanks for all the help Burned.
  5. Dirt Knapper

    06 TTR125LE Jetting stumble

    I got my exhaust systems today and installed them on both bikes. FMF powercore 4. Tomorrow I will install the 110 main and see what that does for them. I'll post back. Thanks
  6. Dirt Knapper

    Jetting a 06 DRZ400E - calif. model

    Okay. I ordered a FMF powercore 4 pipe today, I should have it by Thursday. As soon as it comes in I'll install it and add the 150 main. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks
  7. Dirt Knapper

    Jetting a 06 DRZ400E - calif. model

    Well it was better but not what I expected. I installed the 140 with the stock pilot and the endcap mod. So I guess now I'll be getting a pipe, probably a muzzys or FMF. Then I'll move up to the 155 main. So at this point would I need a different pilot?
  8. Dirt Knapper

    06 TTR125LE Jetting stumble

    Okay, I'm still a little confused. on one of my 125's I installed the 115 & 17.5, On the other 125 I installed a 107.5 & 15. Both have the snorkles removed and 2-1" holes in the air box, and have the endcaps removed. I have them both running pretty good now. with the exception of when climbing hills. Every time my daughters would go up a hill it would stall & die. This wasnt happening with the stock jets. They do pull alot harder through all the gears. So I guess I'll install pipes on both of them and get back in a week or so with the results. Any suggestions in the mean time would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Dirt Knapper

    Jetting a 06 DRZ400E - calif. model

    Thanks, I'll let you know how it does after this weekend.
  10. Dirt Knapper

    So how is a TTR125?

    Well I have 2 of the 2006 TTR125LE models for my daughters. I'm 5'8 and 160# and I wouldn't get anything smaller than a TTR230. For casual trail riding the 230 is much more comfortable. I have one of those as well for my wife and it goes pretty much anywhere we want it too. I don't know if your like most of us, but riding gets in your blood. I started out riding the 230 and quickly swapped it out for a 400. Now I'm even thinking of getting a 450 or a 525. My whole family rides. I think we've become addicts. But even if you get the 125 you will still have a blast. It's a very good bike.
  11. Dirt Knapper

    Yellow TTR50 Kit

    well I bought some yellow FUSION paint for plastic from walmart. I painted my wifes TTR230 and it looks great. Its held up pretty good too.
  12. Dirt Knapper

    TTR 125LE Running badly

    I have 2 of the 06 TTR125LE bikes for my daughters, I had the same problem with both of them. I rejetted to a 115 main and a 17.5 pilot. remove the brass plug with a small drill bit. just break through and pull out the plug. Then adjust your fuel screw(per burned instructions). That fixed my problem. Also I run 91 octane fuel in both of them. They run much better now. I also removed the snorkle and cut 2 1" holes in the top of the airbox and installed a billet power tip off of Ebay. I think if you drill out that plug and adjust your fuel screw you will be fine. Good luck.
  13. Dirt Knapper

    Jetting a 06 DRZ400E - calif. model

    I ordered the dynojet kit today, do I need to install a different pilot or just use the stock one? Thanks,
  14. Dirt Knapper

    Jetting a 06 DRZ400E - calif. model

    Thanks, should I just keep the stock pilot then, or do you recommend a different one.
  15. Dirt Knapper

    Jetting a 06 DRZ400E - calif. model

    Thanks, I appreciate it. I'll order the dynojet kit today. I was reading the dynojet instructions online. They say to remove the snorkle, should I still do the 3X3 with their kit? also what pilot should I install. Thanks again.