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  1. Well, now that y'all mention it, uh....duh. I should have thought of that. Makes total sense. I've lost a few of the plugs during involuntary dismounts, but I think most are still there. Thanks all, now I can sleep at night. :-)
  2. Not sure where to post this question so I'll start here. I have a '99 Yamaha XT 350 I bought to take on camping trips. I ride it rarely, and am not much of a dirt biker. I'm pretty handy and if you ask my kids "What can your daddy fix?" They'll answer, "Anything." :-) The other day, I was checking the valves (for the first time) on the bike and once I had it all back together I was inspecting for oil leaks and noticed these round rubber things stacked in order between the cooling fins. A couple of them were about to come out and I easily removed one and thought "Hmmm, I've seen these on my garage floor. So, THAT's where they've come from!" There are smaller ones inserted in the upper fins, which are closer together and larger ones below. Some are obviously, and clearly missing. The one I took out is about the diameter of a time and about four nickels thick. What is the purpose of these rubber inserts? To protect the fins during shipping or are suppose to be there to protect the fins while riding? Seems they are merely wedged in, and they certainly can take the engine heat while in place. What are they for? Thanks, E