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  1. i got a 99 xt 350 it aint a bad bike but it only 9000kms and the motor blew.
  2. i recently bought a 99 xt 350 and it starting smoking blue so i took it to the shop to see what was wrong with it and they found out it was the rings so they ordered them and told me to get them later. He said it wouldnt hurt it to drive so i drove it. but eventually blew the motr. Now at the shop the \rings are 175 bucks and i was wondering if there is anywhere where i can get them cheaper?
  3. There is probably dirt stuck in your jet. Try cleaning it out.
  4. Take all the stuff out of the inside of your muffler and she should be pretty loud
  5. Well the bike sat for all winter which is like 9 months. but its at the shop now getting fixed.
  6. I live in Canada
  7. Thanks for the help!
  8. As Soon as i start it up blue smoke come out and when i drive along in 3rd gear a lot of smoke comes out, mostly on acceleration and a bit on deaceleration. It is very easy to start.the chain tension is pretty good but the air filter isnt very clean. i changed the oil but i might of put a bit to much in there.
  9. I just bought a 99 xt350 and it only has 9000 kms on it but after i drove it for about 200kms it starting spiting out alot of blue smoke and i dont know why. What should I do?
  10. I was looking at a 1999 XT 350 and i was wondering if they were one of the restricted models with only 17 hp?