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    Fastway Footpegs

    Exactly how much lower than stock are these pegs? And can they be adjusted ahead or back?

    Anyone doing Staples MN this weekend???

    i am not sure if you raced or not but the best bet is to check on ARMCA.ORG for all the answers you seek.

    05 250R pipe on 06 250X

    I have the ususal mods done but also a hot cam. With the complete 05 R system on it was night and day. Evened out the power thoughout the range and makes more everywhere. Before i put in the R total exhaust system i could barely make a sandy uphill 55' double on my practice track now i can not only make it but can overshoot and flatland it if i am not carefull! So yes its WAY better and of course as with all these types of mods you must re-jet. As far as loud it is still under 101db (tested) so its MX legal but to loud for normal trail rides espcially if you ride it hard and fast a lot on the trails.

    3rd to 4th Shifting Problems

    I have had the EXACT same problem on my 05. It will not shift from 3rd to 4th period under load even with the clutch or even if i let off totally and use the clutch or even almost come to a complete stop! I have had a good shop replace the COMPLETE tranny twice now and i mean all gears shafts shims etc. Also replaced everything on the clutch side behind the basket. I have a complete Hinson clutch. The only thing i have not replaced is the case halves~! I had the cases split and a Falicon stroker crank installed and other work done by Forward Motion and i suspected they may have caused the problem until i read this thread. I start from the back at every race and have to work to the front and its getting old..
  5. the new kawi 250 dual sport has'em and they are great for the occational time you need to haul a guy out of the woods who's bike has broken down or taking your girl or kid on a ride if you have plated your bike. You can order them right from kawasaki and if you are looking for mirrors for your plated X the kawi mirrors spin off so you can take them off if you ride to the track for a few laps then screw them back on. I have seen riders pegs for sale that clamp on some place... maybe one of the aftermarket web sites?

    CDI-is the 05 the same as the 06?

    i read your thread on the 250r CDI and it is interesting but i am not sure about the loss of low end you seem to be missing. I guess if i could get a used one for 30 bucks like you did i would take pretty much anything that will work and if i am lucky, improve the power!
  7. I need a CDI and before i get a new one for my 05 450R i thought i would see if anyone has tried an 06 CDI box or recommend another CDI. I would like to make a decision today so i can race this weekend:)

    KLX250S or DRZ

    What about high speed whooped out trail riding or using it to ride the the local MX practice track, do 5-10 laps and ride it home? Is it any good whatso ever for the track? (considering its weight/power and its not an MX machine) In other words is it a total turd on the track or could you have a bit of fun? I ride MX 3 days a week and weekends. I like the look and sound of everything i read but have not heard about agressive style riding yet.