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  1. c r f 2 5 0 x

    Nerf Bars

    dg alloy series work great for smaller people, but watch the nuts and bolts that connect it to the frame u should loctite them expescially on a 2-stroke they come lose every 2 or so years =-p
  2. c r f 2 5 0 x

    Yamaha dunes and jetting

    if u ever go down to dunes near the ocean (say oregon) make sure you check the spark plug after riding for about 8 minutes. WARNING: if you do not do this you may get carried away in having so much fun at the dunes, well it will not be fun re-building the top end while all of your buddies are out riding and you then end up spending ur extra cash for gas on a new piston and rings gaskets etc. most people already know this but if you do not, now you know.
  3. c r f 2 5 0 x

    03 Blaster help

    no, i had noticed this also on my blasters (90, and 04' blasters) the light will go off once you start riding i haven't had problems with this for the past 3 years so u are good, but make sure to check the oil under the seat like the other guy said, MAKE SURE TO USE THE RIGHT KIND OF OIL otherwise you will mess up your bike and have to rebuild it like we have many times, if u need help with rebuilding it, message me we've rebuit our 90' near 15 times and have alot of exp. in that section of blasters
  4. c r f 2 5 0 x

    New handlebars..

    get fmf pop factory bars honda OEM bend i got them after i bent the stockers the work great
  5. c r f 2 5 0 x

    what does cr stand for?

    cr stands for "climbs rocks" =p