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  1. Does anyone know who makes an after market silicone rad hose kit for the o6 WR 450. They seem to be available for all other years and models. Will an o5 WR kit or 05 YZF 450 kit fit instead. Need some help here! Thanks
  2. Glen63

    06 Wr450

    Thanks!! I believe they are the same size but its the plumbing I'm more concerned with in terms of the pre-formed hoses being able to fit where they need too.
  3. Glen63

    06 Wr450

    Does anyone know for a fact if the 2005 YZF 450 engine is the same as the 2006 WR450f. the reason I ask is I'm looking for an aftermarket rad hose kit and all I can seem to find is the Pro Circuit kit for an 05 YZ ad they have no idea if it will fit the WR. Thanks