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  1. pinit3232

    08 Rmz 250 help

    So i got my bike all rebuilt and rode it and everything was fine. I have a fmf megabomb on it and for some reason the header was coming loose when i was riding it. I would hit the throttle and the header would put away from the head. I thought i fixed it and kept riding it and then it started running really crappy like when it full throttle it misses really bad like the choke is on or something. I just took it to a shop and they cleaned the carb and everything and put a fuel screw on it but its still running the same. Any suggestions.
  2. pinit3232

    Suz Did Not Pull All Moto Contingency !!!

    u have any idea when you will be able to sign up for it. Im racing the worcs series and i need to sign up but they havent put up the 09 registration. What the deal???
  3. pinit3232

    how to make 2005 rmz 250 faster

    fmf 4.1, powernow, boysen quick shot, uhhh gear it different , and if you wanna spend some extra money get some motor work done.
  4. pinit3232

    08 rmz 250 gas mileage

    So im doing the moonrocks hare scramble this weekend and my enduro tank never came in so im wondering if I can do it with my stock tank. I guess it is two 56 mile loops. So any thing you guys no would help alot because we are planning on leaving tomorrow. Thanks
  5. pinit3232

    Stock pipe mod

    i did the one where you leave the spark arrestor and then i packed the inside of my pipe. it sounds a little better but it didnt make it any faster
  6. pinit3232

    aftermarket pipe

    so im looking for a quiet aftermarket pipe that still adds alot of horsepower that is also not to expensive. help me out
  7. pinit3232

    What do YOU think?

    red baron. i have them on my 50 and they work really good. there only 80 dollars to
  8. i got some applied fork springs and they arent that good so i bought the red baron bushings to take out the play but they still are kinda crapy. Help me out.
  9. pinit3232

    05 RMZ250 Oil Thirsty

    my rmz uses oil alot to but i think it is normal. They just get really hot and start burning oil i always have to put a good amount of oil in my bike every time i ride it and i ride it really hard.
  10. pinit3232

    Frame Colors

    i think you should get new rims first and give one of your friends your old ones.
  11. pinit3232

    spoke problems

    so i just put about 5 new spokes on my back rim and had it all trued and i rode it for about a month and it was fine. Recently i was riding it and doing jumps, nothing to big and i have four broken spokes now. I dont know why they are breaking. Help me out. Thanks
  12. pinit3232

    88 kits

    ok yeah the tb sounds like a good 88 kit. thanks for all your guys help i think ill be going with that one
  13. pinit3232

    88 kits

    does anybody have the 88 kit on the web site above. I was just wondering if this one is better that red baron or two brothers because i have never herd of the brand.
  14. pinit3232

    88 kits

    i want to get an 88 kit and i was wondering what a one i should get. I looking for one under 400 so help me out. Thanks
  15. what is everyone running is there 50s for jetting. I want to change my jet to make it faster. So let me no what you think. Thanks