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  1. Thanks I actually tried removing the brake line and then tried pushing it back in to no avail. Im thinking ill remove the whole caliper and see if I can equally push the piston back in with a c clamp and the old brake pad, What do you think?
  2. Fellas - I am in the middle of replacing my brake pads, front and back and having trouble replacing the rear pads because the piston will not seat all the way into the caliper. I could use any pointers on how to reseat the brake piston into the caliper so I can get these pads back in service. Thanks in advance for any help. Additionally, after getting the front pads replaced i hand spun the front wheel and the pads rub slightly on the disc, Is that normal (Im assuming it is until they wear a bit.)

    2002 XR250 - Valves HELP

    Thanks for the replies fellas, especially the manual download link, thats great. As far as the work I had done I took the bike in cuz it was runnin like crap, popping and sputtering and not idling while trail riding (a challenge in itself). The mechanic adjusted the valves and switched the jetting to a larger jet so that the bike would at least run and stay running. It still runs like crap and he recommended it needed a valve job because there was leaking around the valves. Im new to all this mechanical stuff but like diggin into it with good direction so Im open to suggestions and any additional help that can be offered. Again, thanks

    2002 XR250 - Valves HELP

    fellas - I recently had my 02 XR250 worked on to get it back to running operation again and the mechanic told me that I needed new valves. He quoted me around $250 for the valves and labor but i would rather do the work myself and make a learning process out of it for me and my boys (13, 5). Please help me with the following: Where and what valves to buy (mostly trail riding and following kids around) Directions for changing valves (any internet how to sites that are helpful?) Any other expertise for this rookie. Thanks in advance. Cheers. SCott

    Sprocket ratios

    Thanks to all you guys for the great info.

    Sprocket ratios

    Can anyone give me some solid advice or direction for selecting the right sprockets for my type of riding (hare scramble/trail). Im looking to replace both sprockets and the chain and want to achieve more power out of the turns and low end. Please give me some opinions or references. 2002 XR250 Thanks
  7. I just picked up a bed buddy motorcycle tie down rail off Craigslist for $40, which I thought was a steal. Anybody using one of these and how do you like it, any pointers, reccomendations,etc? Thanks

    What to offer for 2003 DRZ 110

    thanks for the heads up brother I totally forget about the NADA
  9. looking to replace a TTR90 with the DRZ110 for 12 year old boy who needs to move up from the TTR to something with a lil more umph. A friend of mines brother has a 2003 DRZ110 thats been sitting since his boy moved up to a 250, He is willing to sell it and asked me to make an offer. Trouble is I have no idea what a 2003 DRZ110 is worth. SO, I come to you guys for help. Heres some specs on the bike: 2003 DRZ110 BBR Pipe bars and grips Please let me know what you would consider a reasonable offer. Thanks, Scott
  10. Its time to replace the chain and sprockets on my 2003 XR 250 so Im looking for a good reccomendation and price for parts. Can anyone give me the specifics on where to buy and what to buy for replacement. I average about 2 months of riding a year and am primarily on the trails riding with the kids. I've seen some pretty good prices on Rocky Mountain. I dont wanna spend a bundle. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Scott
  11. Heres a few pics of my truck - 2006 2500HD Silverado, stock except for tires and a tweaked the torsion arms to level the front out a bit. Toyhauler is a 2006 Crossforce by Crossroads. Got a smoking deal on this rig and have been stoked with all that it has to offer. Thanks
  12. I have a 2002 XR 250 that I would like to ride on back roads while camping and around town for store runs, etc. I realize that the bike is not good for the highway and I don't intend on using it there. Since the bike already has a head light and tail light what other items do i need to finish it off for street? I live in Californai and have been getting mixed opinions about the ability to register ohv plates here. Does anyone have any good information about: - Registration laws in Ca. - Online dealers for parts - Other helpful information Thanks, Scott
  13. Can anyone tell me the steps that i need to take to make my 2002 XR250 street legal in California? Thanks

    Riding up on Hwy 4

    Does anyone have any pointers on places to ride up off Hwy 4 above Angels Camp or even up off 108 above Twain Harte? Looking for some good trail riding in the forest. I have heard that Twain Harte on Italian Bar Rd is good. Thanks