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  1. 2012 list includes: ECU + ECU Bracket +rubber ecu holder Wire Harness Air Boot 2nd injector + Injector seal + fuel line fitting and bolt to hold the injector to the boot Fuel Lines I may be forgetting something but I think that was about it
  2. Got mine up and running this morning. Had to play with the tps and a few other things but all is well now. I hooked it up to the Kawasaki software here at the shop and the bike reads the gear sensor correctly. I don't think we should have any problems!
  3. Just got the bike back together with all the new parts yesterday. It starts right up and went together very easy. The one problem I am seeing is that at low rpms the bike seems to want to shut off. I tried to play with mapping a bit but it was not helping. I'm thinking I may need the 2012 throttle body......
  4. At work we just got a service letter from Kawasaki stating that the 2011/2012 clutch cable is shorter than the 2010. If you are running the factory perch this will not be a problem but if you have an aftermarket you will need to run a cable off a 2010. They say this will stop the slippage issues. A side note they also have an alternate chain guide for the front of the swing arm (09-12) that is made of a stiffer rubber so it wont wear down so fast. new number is 12053-0192
  5. In that case I will give it a shot myself and put the order in this afternoon. Hope it works!
  6. I almost pulled the trigger on this project but noticed that the 2012 has a different rotor. Adding that would bring you up another $300.00. Now i'm not sure if i should bother...
  7. Im going to change the springs this weekend. I did not change the height in the clamps.
  8. After a real ride on the bike it is hands down the best bike I have ever owned. It feels like it has a bit more snap than my 09. It also handles better than any 450 I have ever owned or used. It feels very light and nimble making it easy to corner. The suspension is a little on the stiff side for me at 150lbs. The only other thing I did not like was how low the bike idles. It feels like its going to die although it never did. I raised it up a bit and it was an easy fix. The hole shot button really does work. I did about 3 starts and the bike just tracks! All in all it does everything you would want from a 450 lots of smooth power and handles like a 250f.
  9. I got a change to take a short test with the bike. After owning an 06, 07, 08 and 09 I must say this tops them all. I did put on my bars and a few other minor parts but the bike is simply amazing. Easy starting, responsive, and very good ergos. Yes the hole shot button is sweet. I will give more details when I get more seat time. Rain sucks...
  10. have not had a chance to take it out for a real test yet. Should be able to mid week. Looks very sweet in person though.
  11. New Haven Powersports
  12. yes indeed
  13. http://i139.photobucket.com/albums/q292/motox899/NewImage.jpg
  14. 2012 just got here to new haven ct. got my name all over it!
  15. Basket is mint. Used OEM plates that sat in oil for some time.