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  1. kumalogan

    Heart Rate/Cardio Training

    Thanks for these articles guys! Been off the bike for 5 years after a nasty wrist injury. My brain still thinks I am fast but my heart and lungs and burning muscles say otherwise. It's amazing how much fitness you loose by not really training . Need to build a base instead if just pounding out motos until I can't pick up my shoulders
  2. kumalogan

    Heart Rate/Cardio Training

    Awesome reply. Looking to try this method . The old 220 - age x .8 has left me pretty burnt out
  3. kumalogan

    400ex question PLEASE READ.

    Can't believe I wasted my time reading this dumb question!
  4. absoluty heartbreaking. makes me question teaching my girls to ride motocross at all All my prayers for your family. plain sucks
  5. kumalogan

    Perilunate Dislocation with Schaphoid Fracture

    just checking in to say hello. The last ketamine block sent the crps into remission. Still have screws in place. The bones have healed up nicely
  6. kumalogan

    Perilunate Dislocation with Schaphoid Fracture

    This was 46 day post op. which is 52 days since the injury. Believe it or not my hand became more swollen than this and was turning purple with white spots all over it. When I walked back into the ER at Yale, the attending ER doc called the ortho's STAT! ( instantly) they were right on me and concerned it was a staph infection. But it was my nerve as DR.Mark kept telling me. I spent 3 more days in the hospital, where they finally listened to my incessant yelling about CRPS. Thanks again Dr. Mark!
  7. kumalogan

    Perilunate Dislocation with Schaphoid Fracture

    Thanks SCARY1 ! It was/ is pretty bad, but obviously we all know people who didn't do so well. My impact split my Fox V3 Helmet also, so I am dam lucky. I am finding I still have to take the Neurontin for my nerve pain. I know people doubt the use of this drug, but trust me, it works for nerve pain and it is non-narcotic!! Dr. Mark literally saved my hand!!! Had I not listened to him yell at me, I would have just stayed in bed all doped up waiting for my nerve to release ( which it would not have) I was full blown into CRPS. My fingernails all cracked, the hair was about 1/2 long on my entire hand. My hand looked like a lobster claw. I will post a pic. At day 67 they told me I might loose my hand or have a lifelong serious problem which could spread up my arm. So yes, Dr. Mark is a god send! Thanks for caring and keep us posted on your injury! Did you crush any nerves? median/ ulnar?
  8. kumalogan

    Scary Moment with Heat exhaustion

    had one heat event like that...i rode to my truck, changed into my undewear , turned the ac on full blast and drove to the hospital........about 1/2 way there I caught my breath, and my heart rate began to slow to around 100..so i turned around and went back to the track....i was very scared
  9. kumalogan

    Perilunate Dislocation with Schaphoid Fracture

    Hi guys and Dr. Mark!! Just wanted to give you guys an update on my injury. My wrist is almost completely usable. It only moves about 10 degrees up and down , but I just got approval from my surgeon 2 weeks ago to begin therapy on the wrist itself. My range of motion for my fingers is 100%. i ended up having 5 stellate ganglion nerve blocks, and 1 BierBlock with ketamine injected into the injured wrist, All total i was knocked out 8 times. I was on morphine suflate ( 180 mg daily ) and Vicodin 10/650 for 5 solid months. It is a tough road coming off of those drugs but I am done with them!!!! I still take gabapentin ( nuerontin) 1600mgs daily for nerve pain, but that is completely narcotic free. My CRPS was in full force at day 88. It was bad. they actually told me I could loose my hand. My nerve was out of control, i grew hair almost 1 inch long on my entire hand, my hand was purple , swollen and spotty. They fixed me. Thanks Dr. Mark for insisting on geting the nerve blocks asap, you saved my hand, thank you. Thanks you also to Riderdown.org for helping me out, they are awesome. Ok, off to go spilt some wood!!! take care guys! chris
  10. kumalogan

    Perilunate Dislocation with Schaphoid Fracture

    Thanks Bro,, the Dr's are on top of it. My ortho Dr. just looks at my cat scans and says ok 6 more weeks in a cast, and yea, your nerve was crushed, have no idea what it will do. Move on to the next guy.. Which is ok, he is a surgeon, his job could be done unless I need bone grafts. My nerve docs are now the ones calling the shots.. yea , i'm pretty tired right now thanx for thinking bout me!
  11. kumalogan

    Perilunate Dislocation with Schaphoid Fracture

    Dr. Mark, situation is " pretty critical " as my Dr. put it. He says "no" to the cortisone in the preparation, he does not want to suppress my immune system any. we are doing 7 weekly S.G. nerve blocks, at which that point we will regroup and see where we are. After that ,if things are this bad, he told me about a treatment where they induce a full coma with intibation in the intensive care unit for 5 full days, and do 'akeatamine' therapy on the nerve. It is almost 100% succesfull. But for obvious reasons , not the way we want to go.....It can be done on an outpatient basis for 10 days but with a signifigantly lower succes rate. My thumb and index finger are completely unable to touch anything at all without staggaring pain. pain level is a solid 5 even through all the drugs. Latest nerve block on 6/11 @ 5pm worked until 6/13 3pm . I could feel it almost the instant it stopped working. No wonder why you were yelling at me to get my ass in gear and find new Dr. what i have now hurts as bad as the second day of the injury, and I am at day 74
  12. kumalogan

    Perilunate Dislocation with Schaphoid Fracture

    just wanted to vent if anyone is listening. My nerve pain has broken through the current dose of nerve/narcotic drugs. The top of my thumb and half of my index finger are now unable to hold anything for more than a few seconds before the stinging/burning makes it unbearable. Sometimes now, they just sting and burn on thier own for hours. Hoping for another S.G. block this week. I have a regular appt w/ him on friday, but I will be calling first thing monday morning... thanks guys, for listening and being here w/ me. chris
  13. sorry to hear. That is a very serious health problem, life threating. Sorry about your loss Dr. Mark , I hope she at least lived a long life !!!
  14. kumalogan

    Perilunate Dislocation with Schaphoid Fracture

    Wow! you are a serious guy! Will definitly tell him when i talk to him. Thank you SO much Dr. Mark! i really appreciate you holding my hand through this Thanks chris