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    brian deegan

    I think he is talking about Ronnie, not Robbie.
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    Coughing and Sputtering Warrior

    thanks! will give that a try.
  3. I suspect I have a jetting issue, but am not sure. Our Warrior starts easily (with the choke on), but coughs and sputters if the accelerator is pumped. Idling without the choke comes quickly, as the choke can be released after a minute or so. The coughing and sputtering continues until the Warrior is warm, which can take quite a while (seems like it's at least 15 minutes). Once warm, it runs fine. Seems like I might have a pilot jet issue and maybe a needle setting requirement. Once it hits the main everything appears to be fine and it idles well. This is a 2001 Warrior and it came with a Mikuni carb. Any suggestions? Thanks!