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  1. Hey bill OK I,m going,I need to ride I'll see you guys in the morning. Mike riderX
  2. Hey guys Is there a head count on this ride, who all going ,
  3. California

    I remember that day looks like Alex on the left Rider X in the middle and Ed lang right watching Kran comming up the hill!
  4. Hey Bill Thanks for posting up this ride and for the texting me this moring or I would have been in gorman at 9. Sorry you cut your ride short hope your feeling better . We finish the sencond half of are ride in drinkwater 52 miles door to door. Nice to meet some new faces Vitor and Gerg its was a pleasure. Mike RiderX
  5. Hey kran I'm up for a ride do you mind if I join you guys ! This old man rides a new color! Mike RiderX
  6. California

    Yeah "Still alive" lot of issues this year i think i have rode once this year .So you have to be easy on me ! see you in the morning. Mike
  7. California

    Hey Bill long time so, is there a supporting cast for this ride! mike
  8. California

    Hey Guys I see your still tearing it up sounds like fun hope to get my bike back together so i can join you.Mike
  9. California

    Hey ED " That sucks" Get well soon . Mike
  10. California

    Hey Ron I have a 2003 crf230 for sale if you want to check it out. Mike
  11. California

    Hey bill Just want to Thank you for a great ride and always posting up and organizing these ride's. Nice to meet new faces Jerry and Ryan, Dennis and Ben always a pleasure. Door to Door 61 miles and back at 12:05 great day. Mike
  12. California

    "What the Z for "
  13. California

    Hey bill I think i just might join you guys if that ok . Mike See you Sunday!
  14. Hey Helix66 That was back in July, I have been on the shelf for a while, dislocated my shoulder trying to ride an air chair at lake Powell this summer felling better now, getting my bike ready to join you guys soon. Mike