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  1. -Y-

    How do you buy an FRC

    Call the store and see what they have to say. They might not put you on the list but at least you will know the state of play. Good luck Scoob
  2. Thanks Eddie! You take care. -Y-
  3. Sorry, I have found a lot of info searching but nothing specific. Jetting: FCR on DRZ 400 w/ 3x3 mod, RS-3 stainless full system (No cork), JD jet kit at 1000', temp 70 - 90 F. Main air Main jet Pilot jet Pilot air jet Needle clip Fuel screw Thanks in advance.
  4. -Y-

    FCR Carbs - Life if full of twists/turns!

    Hey Bryan, I'm order #26282 (Ordered on May 15th) and I received one of the emails saying I was a lucky winner of a FCR carb. I emailed and called to confirm that I wanted one of the kits. I had $$$ removed from my bank and I thought everything was fine. Now the $$$ are back? What's going on? Thanks, Adam.
  5. -Y-

    FCR Carbs - Life if full of twists/turns!

    Crack is easier to get.
  6. I know I speak for everyone when I say: Bugger.
  7. Me also. I ordered on the 15th of May and like Neil the lack of information is starting to get me down. I think I might have to break into customs. If I find FCR carbs great, if not, I'm hitting the dope I find It will either kill or cure me
  8. -Y-

    whats the gas mileage on a drz400

    Agreed! I've never done better than 38 mpg.
  9. -Y-

    Repost: Happy F'n birthday Eddie!

    You da man Ed. Cheers for all your hard work and help mate. I'll go without a B'day this year so you can extend yours to two days Adam.
  10. -Y-

    DRZ400SM or SV650

    Here is a thread where this question has already been dicussed http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=3395372#post3395372 Some good info there. Good luck.
  11. -Y-

    whats your fuel mileage?

    I'm with you hostile. I get low 40's at best. Filled it up the other day so that you couldn't spit in it and the thing died on me at 98 miles on the trip meter (that includes reserve). I am 175lbs, it is stock at the moment, but I ride it hard all the time. I still expected more than that.
  12. -Y-

    SV650 vs. DRZ400sm

    You know, in my experience (which is not bad), there are people who ride and there are people who make riding their own. If you don't know which one you are, then you are probably in the first group. Riding 2up is not really very difficult. Taking off and braking both require more time and effort and there are some rules to follow when you have a passenger. But really controlling the bike just requires acknowledging the extra distance and time it takes with the increased weight. Few rules to consider: Have communication system organised before you ride (it's hard to hear each other when moving). The passenger is the last on and the first off the bike and should never put their feet down until the ride is over. Don't lean the bike too much with a new passenger and explain to them that they should look towards the turn when you steer. They should hold your waist or hips. Make sure they are wearing gear! Be as smooth as you can. Of course Regalman's advice should be seriously considered. It is wise to err on the side of caution. Still if you are some one who makes riding your own... give 2up a go ljjanson. Let wisdom be your guide.
  13. -Y-

    SV650 vs. DRZ400sm

    Hmmm you think? My wife wanted to add that she would be pissed if she couldn't ride with me. She also added that you should do what I do: buy both! Love my wife.
  14. I thought I might have that problem with the JD kit not being compatable with the stock carb. I will be patient (put the pipe on) and wait till I can get the rest done at once. Thanks again Eddie!!!
  15. -Y-

    SV650 vs. DRZ400sm

    Very different bikes really. As the Samurai said the DRZ is not the best as a two up bike. DRZ Pros: Fun on the road or track, great handling (slow and at pace), nice power for a new rider, can do minor off road riding, wheelies and stoppies easily, very forgiving if you get off line in a corner, rock solid engine, reasonable suspension travel, lots of things you can do to it, easy to work on, excellent starter bike (exceept for seat height) and great info and mods available at Thumpertalk... DRZ Cons: Heavy for a dirt bike (not really a dirt bike), short range fuel tank, no wind protection, poor seat for distances, wheelies and stoppies easily, needs mods ($$) to unleash the power within... SV650S Pros: Terrific alround street performer, rides 2up well, engine is bulletproof, great torque and hp (maybe too much for a ham fisted newbie - I'm not saying you...), wheelies easily, sweet in the twisties, good wind protection, commute or tour or track day bike, good touring bags available, enough to start - enough to grow into, V-twin sound!, get a second hand one for low $$$, good starter (too much bike for some:prof:) and great mods and info at Holeshot performance products (on web)... SV650S Cons: Front suspension not ajustable, wheelies easily, brakes are okay, just okay at slow speed maneuvers... I can't think of anything else off the top of my head, but I have owned both bikes so I feel I have reasonable experience to give an opinion. As you can see there are more pros than cons on both bikes. For what you described I think the SV might be more versatile than the DRZ. Also as an MSF instructor I would say, spend some cash on good gear - for you and your girl! Get some training. Never stop practicing. And remember- everyone drops their bike once, so 2nd hand is the way to go for a first bike. Hope this helps. Good luck mate! Keep the rubber side down.