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  1. YUKI

    oil in airbox

    ThanX guys. This bike has consumed oil since I have bought it, however, I do not see smoke coming out - might be because I have been using syntec. oil after the first 300miles (have 3k on it). I use the bike as a daily rider (streets only) - about 20 miles a day - can that effect the oil consumption, or, I just bought a defective unit? I am following the "book" = 2.1q with filter.
  2. YUKI

    oil in airbox

    Need some help here: My 06 XRL consumes oil. I just open the airbox to look at the filter and it is soaked with clean engine oil. I can't go back to the dealer, since, I have removed the smog. Any suggesions? ThanX
  3. YUKI

    California DMV

    ThanX for the advise guys. I called the dealer. They are taking care of this. The application stated MC, not OHV, however, the "motivated" clerk decide to send the sticker. Yuki
  4. YUKI

    California DMV

    Great. These guys issued me a green sticker instead of a plate for my new XR650L. Anyone else is that fortunate? Yuki
  5. what is the widest tire that can fit on the 650L? Yuki
  6. YUKI

    loose chain

    Guys, ThanX for the advise. Did it. Works great. Yuki
  7. YUKI

    XRL Battery

    Good morning, Is there a replacement battery for the XRL that weighs less than what Honda supplies the bike with? ThanX, Yuki
  8. YUKI

    SRC Fork Brace Kit

    ThanX Tim
  9. YUKI

    loose chain

    Morning Eddie, After I loosen the nuts, do I need to push the wheel backwards, or, that will take place anyways with the chain getting tighter? ThanX, Yuki.
  10. YUKI

    loose chain

    Evening guys, New XRL. Chain is very loose after only 250 miles. What is the procedure to adust it? ThanX, Yuki
  11. YUKI

    SRC Fork Brace Kit

    Morning, Does anyone use this item on the XR650L? How's the installation? ThanX
  12. YUKI

    Break-in - oil change

    Must it be 4 strokes motorcycle oil, or, cars are as good?
  13. YUKI

    Break-in - oil change

    what is a DINO oil?
  14. Hi guys, How many oil changes during break in period on XR650L? What type of oil? ThanX
  15. YUKI

    oil consumption

    ThanX for all the good advise. Before I re-install the smog devices back on and run to the "friendly dealer", I would change the oil with accurate amount (2.2). I would than start monitoring the level again. ThanX again, Yuki