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  1. richard32

    03 YZ450 Clutch Mod

    Thank you for your help, I will try this. I have replaced the inner basket with a wiesco basket and put a new inner hub, pressure plate and clutch pack in it in the past and have never been able to make this chatter go away completly. So i am hoping that this mod does the trick.
  2. richard32

    03 YZ450 Clutch Mod

    Hopefully someone can help me on this. I want to eliminate the clutch chatter issue that I have been having on my 450 for years and have found that the fix is replacing some of the components with the 02 wr426 parts. My question is that in the Dr. D handbook for mods for the 450 they say to install the wr 426 fiber plate, then the base ring, then the waiver spring followed by the rest of the clutch pack ending up with one extra fiber that you would not use which would mean the pressure plate would be up against a metal plate, is this right? The order of the 3 wr 426 parts does not match the order shown on the wr 426 break down. Also ending up with the last plate being a metal plate does not sound correct, can someone please help clarify? Thank you.
  3. richard32

    03 yz450f

    I am going to Kennedy Meadows in a couple of weeks and need to rejet my 03yz450f, elevation there is approximatley 9000-10000ft. I have a dr.d pipe and everything else is stock, can any one help with reccomended jetting to run up there?