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  1. baarr

    The "Ball of Death"

    They did Circus Circus in Los Angeles, at the Staple Center. I watch them live pretty cool!
  2. baarr

    crashes got to love them

    Like to watch, but I haaaate crashing!!!
  3. baarr

    Help!!! Won't Idle

    If anybody is interested, it turned out to be the pilot jet. I put a new one in and now it idles like a champ! Thanks everyone for the help!
  4. baarr

    Help!!! Won't Idle

    Yes I removed all the jets including the pilot jet and sprayed it with carb cleaner and blew them all out with shop air. Do you think I should replace pilot jet anyways? I have heard that sometimes you can't get all the junk out. By the way I had to open the throttle all the way for it to start, not partially. Thanks again.
  5. baarr

    Help!!! Won't Idle

    Started it again today and it seems to be flooding out at idle. Ran it for a while then when I let go of the throttle it dies. I have to hold the throttle wide open for a while when cranking to get it going again which indicates rich condition. How do I check the float? maybe the float is stuck???
  6. baarr

    Help!!! Won't Idle

    I replaced the fuel already and it still did it. This bike no longer has any smog equipment on it, it was all removed before I even purchased it. It has a ims tank with a vent tube on top with one of those piston head caps. I wonder if that is restricting the flow of fuel, if its not pulling enough air in the tank? I'll remove the vent tube to see if that does anything. Thanks again.
  7. baarr

    Help!!! Won't Idle

    Well it dies, not race. Once I remove the choke it will die within the first couple of minutes. After it dies it will not restart, I have to let it sit for a about ten minutes and pull the choke. I have not tried to restrict the intake I will try that next. Maybe I"ll change the pilot jet also. Thanks for your help.
  8. baarr

    Help!!! Won't Idle

    Hello, I have 2002 400s with a moose jet kit, white bros slip on. My problem is, bike will not idle when it's warm. Bike has been riding great but when I let it sit for about a month the freakin thing will not idle when it gets warm. I pulled the bowl off and blew everything out and it still will not idle. I am going on the upchuck run Jan 1, 2007 and I need the bad thing to run or will be forced to ride my rm 250. Any ideas? Please, I'm desperate, do you think my pilot jet may be no good? Should I chuck this carb?? Please HEEELLLPPP!!!???
  9. baarr

    crazy moped

    that was some trick riding for a moped!!!
  10. baarr

    Knuckle head

    Isn't that to the left of comp hill, where all the bikes jump the road? What a dumb ass!!!
  11. baarr

    DRZ Trail riding video

    makes me want to get on my bike! Great vid mate!
  12. Hello from cali, I am a newbie and I have a drz I am converting to a tard. My question is what is the widest tire I can run on a 17x3.5 generally? Just starting out on this this supermoto thing and would greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks!