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  1. I agree. im just under 5' 11" 183lbs. The bike is tall thats for sure , but you get used to it. Only problem i have is offroad , getting high sided on a hill where i can put my foot down to contact the ground. you adjust to the bike quickly.
  2. cops always sitting in the dirt pull off area next to the firehouse , i would be careful about riding there.
  3. wouldnt it be impossible to do that ? 70 mph for 2 hours is 140 miles . unless you change your gas tank from stock , you would be pushing it that last 50 miles .
  4. I dont see anyone jumping to any non fact conclusions . i think the 50 hp was posed as a question as if it was possible to obtain that much power with the 650l engine. no one was doubting the posters specs.
  5. Ive never used anything but standard car oil in alllllll my bikes and quads. not 1 single problem ever. normal clutch wear , no shearing / gear problems. if you change your oil with frequency like your supposed too , you will never have a problem with standard motor oil.
  6. Or come to thumpertalk and ask a guy who owns one. Either way works i guess.
  7. How is the reliabilty of the stage 1 or 2 cam ? Any problems ? How many miles have you ridden with the new cam ? How is the gas milage compared to stock ? (im sure its a gas whore now )
  8. In my experiance , it seems easier to learn to wheels up with a four popper. Two strokes are easy also but playing the powerband when your trying to learn to balance just adds a step to the curve. Practice , practice , practice , and youll be a wheelie king
  9. once you can ride a wheelie using the balance point and not relying on the power , shifting will be much easier. Just takes a little practice. once you get it you can wheelie it as long as you want.
  10. http://graphicmx.com/rapidtac.shtml his smiley tag got mixed in with the url
  11. How things have changed. used to be that the police only gave a rats ass if they were called and had to respond. In my younger days , under no situation would i stop for the police on my dirt bikes. As an adult now / parent , i wouldnt suggest anyone doing that , but it worked for me
  12. well , we looked through what they had , and they only had the hex's. so that honda didnt have any for the L. I'm only saying what they told me about ordering jets specificly for the L. to bad i dont live near the dealer that had them in thier jet collection . I suppose your dealer is better than mine. Either way , online aftermarket is my only access to the correct jets.
  13. If im ever in a situation where i need to answer New Jersey trivia ill ace it now.
  14. If im not mistaken , the L's jets are a tad differant. They didnt have any that matched mine , they had quite a few also. Honda dealer said that they do make them , but honda isnt allowed to sell them. they didnt even list them under the bike in there books , could only buy the stock ones from them (or leaner than stock) Due to the restrictions of keeping the xrl meeting emmisions and all that non-sense. Thats what i was told ( dont shoot the messanger) LOL........ Told me to go online and order them aftermarket.