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  1. I would also do the same thing. His porting will give you way more power then any exhaust will and it is around the same price. I have an 07 yz250f and the first mod I did was a White Brothers Aluminum Pro exhaust system and it is a great exhaust that gave nice power increases. However, if I was only going to do one mod to my engine it would be sending it to Jesse. You will get far more power from that then any exhaust will give you.
  2. rider1245

    Motor Work

    No, my brothers bike is a 2006 CRF450R. I'm sure his bike has some more power then mine but they feel pretty close. Defiantly closer then a 250 does. I don't ride track, I ride mostly sand. I go to Glamis in the winter and Pismo in the summer. Occasionally we will go out to the desert and ride dirt. I would like to try out some tracks though, they look like a lot of fun. I don't race it so never had a problem with that. I don't know of anyone who dyno's dirt bikes around me, and honestly not really that interested in the exact hp it is making. Just as long as I like the way it rides. Which is actually why I sent my head to get that work done on it. With the other mods I had, there was one hill at Glamis that I could only climb in 3rd gear and every time I would shift to 4th it couldn't quite pull it... so I fixed that problem lol
  3. rider1245

    276 ice cube

    Yes, I have the RPM 276 kit on my bike. What would you like to know about it?
  4. rider1245

    Motor Work

    I sent some of my engine parts to Jesse at Williams MotoWerx a while ago and would just like to inform you guys how it went. He was very helpful with any questions I had, the turn around time was good, and the work done was awesome. I had my cylinder head ported, stock cams modified, valves done, and light weight spring retainers installed. All this is from my 2007 yz250f that has a RPM 276 ice cube, white brothers aluminum pro exhaust and also has the suspension re valved by RG3. This bike is just amazing. The power feels like a 450 but lighter and with better handling, which is important to me because I am about 5'6". I rode the bike back to back with my friends crf250 that has an exhaust and it is night and day different. My brother has a crf450 with cams and exhaust, and our bikes feel pretty close power wise. I have a JD jet kit that I want to put my bike when I have some time but other then that I think it is pretty well set up. The powerband hits hard from bottom all the way to top.
  5. rider1245

    1/4 - 1/2 throttle problems

    I tested the voltage coming from the CDI and it is within spec so I think the CDI is ok. As far as the NFPS needle jet, I could just pick one of those up at a Yamaha dealership? What is different about that needle the the needles that I have already tried. Just out of curiosity, what would happen if I left the TPS unplugged and rode the bike hard?
  6. rider1245

    1/4 - 1/2 throttle problems

    I have tried different needle jets( JD blue and stock) I lean them out and richen them up but it doesn't help much. It seems if I lean the needle it helps a little bit but not a lot. The pilot jet is a 40 but I have also tried a 42, and 45 with no luck, that dosen't seem to make much of a difference either for this. I checked with the Yamaha dealer and TPS is $200.00. If I test the voltage coming from the CDI would that be enough to eliminate the CDI as being a possible problem
  7. rider1245

    1/4 - 1/2 throttle problems

    Sorry about that, at that throttle position it feels like it misses and is inconsistent engine rpm when I am holding the throttle steady in those RPM ranges. I just unplugged the throttle position sensor and rode it again and the problem disappeared. So, I checked the resistances of the sensor and the variable resistance coil is a little off. Spec is 4-6k and mine is at 3.6
  8. I posted this in the jetting forum but I am thinking that it might be a TPS issue or maybe the ignition coil. I have a 2007 YZ250F with a 276 big bore kit from Rick Peterson Motor sports. The bike also has a White Brothers Aluminum pro full exhaust on it. I am riding the bike at 0- 200 feet at about 70* F ambient. I tried the JD jetting kit but had this 1/4- 1/2 throttle problem so tried to go back to stock but the problem is still there. Right now I am at 178 main jet, stock needle 4th clip, 40 pilot jet about 1 3/4 turns out on the fuel screw. Nothing I do seems to get rid of this problem I am having. I checked valve clearance, timing, and spark plug, they all seem fine. Any ideas?
  9. I have a 2007 YZ250F with a 276 big bore kit from Rick Peterson Motor sports. The bike also has a White Brothers Aluminum pro full exhaust on it. I am riding the bike at 0- 200 feet at about 70* F ambient. I installed a JD jet kit on my bike and I can not get it set up correctly from 1/4- 1/2 throttle. I have a 182 main jet, 42 pilot jet, JD Blue needle 4th clip from the top, and fuel screw about 1 3/4 turns out. the bike seems to run fine but when holding a steady throttle from 1/4- 1/2 the bike is inconsistent and will not keep a steady rpm. I have tried moving the needle clip down and it seems worse but I try moving the clip up and it seems to get a little better but not go away. Can anyone help me with this? I am supposed to leave Tuesday night for Glamis. I have checked valve clearance, Timing and spark plug. They all seem ok, it seems like I have changed the jets a ton of times and I can't figure out what is causing this inconsistent cruise.
  10. rider1245

    Starting Cold(i Think) on hot start

    I just had the same problem on my bike. I have an 07 yz250f that I was installing a JD jet kit on. However, my bike would only start when I would pull in the hot start lever. Pulling in the hot start lever leans out the air fuel mixture. I changed the pilot jet out for one size smaller ( from a 48 to a 45) and now my bike starts on the first kick.
  11. rider1245

    OTD price for a 2007 yz250f

    it was at Corona yamaha in Corona California. i wasnt sure, it was the first bike ive ever bought, after seeing what everyone else paid needless to say ill never go there again.
  12. rider1245

    OTD price for a 2007 yz250f

    wow seems like im the only one that got ripped off, i paid around 8800 otd. did anyone else have to pay a 2400 freight charge?
  13. rider1245

    How much did ya pay for your '07 250F?

    i paid around 8,800
  14. rider1245

    FMF jet kit parts

    well i finally found the instructions and realized that the only jets they give you are main jets and a different needle jet. i just put the jetting back to stock. i think one of the reasons the bike was running so badly is maybe the float is too high after i shut the engine off gas spills from the overflow tube. does anyone know where i could get the o ring for the accelerator pump the fmf kit doesn't come with one
  15. rider1245


    i have an 07 yz250f and i use a 100/90/19, it works and fits great. definatly do not even try a dirt tire its pointless, the paddle makes all the difference in the world. i got my paddle at a honda/suzuki/kawasaki dealership near my house forgot to mention its a 6 paddle by the recommendation of quite a few people that said an 8 paddle will overheat the engine on a 250f