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    650L camchain noise

    Thanks for all the info. I adjusted the valves today and while I was there I had a quick look at all the cam lobe surfaces (or as much as I could see through the adjuster openings), and could see no pitting, and the clearances were only .0005-.0015 out, so I would say that the chain and adjuster are definitely the problem Obviously when I do the replacement I will get proper manual instructions, but since I am sitting here at the moment I might as well ask, does replacing the adjuster require rocker cover off, head off, or barrel off? Your answer will probably govern how soon I get around to doing it! Thanks in anticipation, Mick.
  2. Michael Olinder

    650L camchain noise

    I have a '97 Dominator that shares the same motor as the XR650L so this seemed like a good place to post this question. I have 13,000km on the bike and it has developed a noise that sounds like the camchain at around 3,500-4000rpm. Occasionally the noise turns up briefly at other revs. Idle is fine, and temperature seems to have no bearing on it. As these supposedly have an automatic tensioner, my question is has anyone else experienced this problem? It is a pain in the a** as in top gear at 80km/h it sits right on these revs, so I usually downshift to stop the noise. Any feedback would be great.