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  1. FHP357

    Help! Gold chain for my X2R

    Does anybody sell one that fits my X2R? Thanks
  2. FHP357

    Worried about bout Pitster Pro service

    I have bought 4 Pitsters from Nate at Outlaw and I could not be happier with the bikes and the service from Nate. Out of the 4 bikes I bought ( 2 - X2's and 2 - X2R's, 1 of them had a small issue with a rear sprocket. Nate had me a new one here within a few days. Other than that the bikes run great! As for T-Bolt thats another issue, I bought 2 throttle tubes back on the 10th of Dec. and I have yet to get them! So I dont have anything positive to say about them. In my opinion for what you pay for the Pitster you cant get a better pit bike! Neil B.
  3. I know the X3R has the 14 front wheel, but what else is diff? Thanks for the info!
  4. FHP357

    Question for Gary

    Gary, How much will you charge me for a complete set of your MX Dvd's? I cant decide which ones to buy so I will just buy them all! Thanks, Neil
  5. FHP357

    Best Price on the Pitsters?

    Who has the best prices? I am looking to get the X3R. Thanks in advance
  6. FHP357

    Pitster Question

    Whats the diff. between the X - X2 - X3? Thanks for the help. Neil B.